Replace Windows Media Player from Microsoft with a program called… Media Player for Windows

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Image: Microsoft – In the meanwhile, Windows Media Player isn’t totally fading from the scene. For more than a decade, Windows Media Player has been in use. As a result, Microsoft has finally released a new media player for Windows 11 after a long wait.

Insiders who are using Windows 11’s Dev Channel have began receiving the newly branded “Media Player for Windows” from Microsoft, according to a blog post. As a result, the new Media Player for Windows program is meant to take the place of both Windows Media Player and Groove Music Player, the latter of which has been on its way out since Microsoft closed off the Groove Music service in 2017.

Image: Microsoft

With the Media Player app, Microsoft aims to provide a simple all-purpose media player for both music and films that has a cleaner, more contemporary UI in accordance with Windows 11’s style.

Media Player has a full-featured library for exploring music and making playlists, which will be transferred from Groove Music, which is being replaced, according to Microsoft. Both full and mini-views of album art are supported by Microsoft’s new playback feature.

With a fresh look and better keyboard shortcuts, as well as new features designed to promote accessibility, the Media Player app is just like the new Photos app.

Image: Microsoft

While Media Player will also search your PC for video clips in the Music and Videos folders, you can also enable the software to search for content stored elsewhere on your computer.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has identified many known issues with the new Media Player, including a flaw that prevents the Media Player app from streaming video from network locations and issues with editing album information, as well as display bugs for words with accented characters. Since the new Media Player is still in the early stages of development, you may wish to wait until Microsoft releases a stable version of Windows 11 before using it.

The good news is that Windows Media Player will not be fully deleted from Windows 11, but will instead be reduced to being a legacy software, which can be found under Windows Tools. Windows Media Player has been there since Windows 3.0, but it’s now time to say goodbye to the software (mostly).