Pixel Stand 2 is now officially available for pre-order on Google’s website

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Image: Google

techno.rentetan.com – It costs $79 and has a wireless charging range of up to 23 watts, or 15 watts for non-Pixel devices. There has been no official Pixel Stand 2 listing on Google until now, but that has now changed with the launch of the Pixel 6 last month. The Pixel Stand 2 is the same price as Google’s original Pixel Stand, but it offers quicker wireless charging and a few additional capabilities. To keep your Pixel 6 from overheating while charging, Google created the Pixel Stand 2 to work with the Pixel 6’s 23-watt wireless charging chip and a “quiet” fan.

Additionally, the Pixel Stand 2 comes with a 30-watt power converter and a USB-C connection. Google didn’t include a power adapter (only a USB-C connection) in the box of the Pixel 6, so this is a useful addition for new Pixel 6 users who may be seeking for a quicker power brick to match with their phone.

Those searching for a general-purpose wireless charger may wish to explore elsewhere before committing to a pre-order. Due to the fact that, when used with a Pixel 6, the Pixel Stand 2 can deliver up to 23 watts of wireless charging power, the Pixel Stand 2 is limited to 15 watts of charging power.

Image: Google

For the price of a single Pixel Stand 2, you can get two 15-watt wireless chargers from the likes of Anker and Belkin, both of which sell for around $40. In addition, the Pixel Stand 2 does not have any add-ons or a bigger model that would allow it to handle multi-device wireless charging if you have many devices that support Qi wireless charging.

Pixel Stand 2 does allow you to transform your phone into a little smart home hub, but only for Pixel owners. This is because it has a custom UI that allows you to view the feed from any of your Nest security cameras while also providing you quick access to your thermostat and smart lighting.

However, if you truly want a Pixel 6 wireless charger from Google, you can now get one. Now is the time to pre-order the Pixel Stand 2, which is slated to delivery in early to mid-December. Keep an eye out for a review in the near future should you choose.