Reaction Emoji for Green Bubbles Could Be Coming to Android Soon

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Imagine an iMessage buddy “reacting” to your message using emoji instead of a full line of words. Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo – What does it imply that my friend “accentuated” this green bubble’s text message rant? As an Android user, you’re likely used to seeing a line from an iPhone user indicating that they’ve “emphasis” your prior message. I don’t know what that means. The!! emoji is a double exclamation mark in iMessage speech.

iMessage and Android are not cross-compatible, but Google may be working on making those “liked an image” response messages more readable.

In Google Messages’ most recent beta release, 9to5Google reports:

The “ios reaction classification” string of code, discovered by Google’s code sleuths in a preference menu, appears to allude to the reaction messages you receive only from an iOS-based device. In the next section, it says “Show iPhone reactions as emoji.”

You’ll instead get an emoji in response to the message, which is more in line with how the reaction feature works on Apple devices. This is what this sounds like.

As of right now, Apple’s iMessage RCS talks use a different set of responses than those given by Google Messages. Google has included an extra line of code that reads “ios reactions mapping,” which suggests that the iMessage reactions will be remapped to Android-based emojis.

On order to get a sense of how this will look in the Google Messages interface, there are no teaser photos available. Maybe when the other person “likes” something, the Android user will get a thumbs-up emoji on the receiving end of the conversation?

This is only one new feature that has been unearthed in the depths of Google Message. The recipient’s birthday will appear in the discussion list, but it’s not obvious if this information is pulled from their Contacts list. When this functionality goes live, you’ll have no excuse for forgetting birthdays in the future, so start preparing your animated cards now.