How to Choose the Best Apple Watch as a Gift for Your Friends and Family

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Photo: SAM YEH (Getty Images) – If you’re stumped as to which Apple Watch is ideal for your receiver, here’s how to figure it out. If you’re purchasing a present for someone who already owns an iPhone, chances are they already have an Apple Watch on their wish list. The Apple Watch is the most popular wristwatch on the market, but there are a plethora of different models to pick between. How do you choose between the Series 3, Series 7, SE, and other models as a holiday gift?

Here are a few peculiarities of the Apple Watch before we get on to the watches themselves. When it comes to Apple Watches, things get a little more complicated:

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of GPS and GPS + Cellular

Apple Watches with GPS and cellular capabilities are available for a variety of models. If you want to use your Apple Watch with a cellular data plan, you may do so with the latter option.. Since a GPS Apple Watch cannot be upgraded to include cellular functionality, this is an important factor to consider. When purchasing a watch for someone else, make sure to get the cellular model because it is somewhat more expensive.

Sizes of the Apple Watch

Two sizes are available for every Apple Watch. Watches come in a variety of sizes, but you may think of them as “little” or “big.” Even if you’re having trouble figuring out which watch to get for the special person on your list, knowing what kind of watch they currently wear might help narrow your search (if they wear small watches normally, the smaller Apple Watch is likely the best for them).

Materials for the Apple Watch

A single model of the Apple Watch is not interchangeable with another model. Most people own a metal Apple Watch, which is the least costly and most readily available model. Aluminum is used in two of the three Apple Watches currently on the market (the Series 3 and SE).

Aside from aluminum and stainless steel and titanium, the three major Apple Watches from the company come in the same three varieties: While titanium is the most costly, stainless steel is the second most expensive (the Stainless Steel Series 7 starts at $749). In addition to looking better, these materials are also more durable; the stainless steel and titanium alternatives have a stronger glass on the display, which means less scratching over time.

However, the price difference is substantial, so you’ll have to decide whether the superior constructions are worth the extra money.

In the Apple Watch Studio

It’s been customary for Apple to sell Apple Watches as an all-in-one bundle, which meant that you had to choose from among a limited number of watch faces and bands. When it came to selecting a watch on, it wasn’t perfect.

However, Apple has added a new function to its Apple Watch Studio that allows you to design your own watch. Purchasing an Apple Watch directly from Apple is the only way to proceed. Here, you may choose the Apple Watch you want to buy for the holidays after reading our essay and deciding on the size, casing, and band you want to go with it.

With this new feature, you’ll know precisely how much your specific Apple Watch costs without having to go through endless options. If the end product is more expensive than you expected, you can experiment with other variables to see what lowers the cost. It’s a good idea to use this function once you’ve decided the Apple Watch you wish to purchase from Apple. Not worth the hassle of purchasing an Apple Watch via the company’s basic online shop.

Let us now turn our attention to the timepieces themselves, beginning with:

Watch Series 3 Apple

This is a good choice for someone who has never bought an Apple Watch and wants to get them started. So why spend more money on an expensive Apple Watch, when you don’t even know whether your receiver will enjoy it? After all, the watch starts at $199 for the 38mm and $229 for 42mm, and with Black Friday specials on the horizon, you may discover the Series 3 at a real value. Isn’t the Series 3 the finest watch for newbies and budget-conscious consumers?

No, that’s not correct. Sorry. Nope.

All of Apple’s products now come with a “budget” version that’s a great deal. Most people can get by with the iPad (9th generation) for $329, and the MacBook Air, which isn’t exactly cheap, but is still a wonderful value for the performance.

This is not the case with the new Apple Watch Series 3. Instead, it works as a nudge to purchase the next model up. Apple Watch Series 3 was released in 2017 and is now the company’s oldest model still on the market. Smartwatches are expected to be obsolete by 2021, but the major issue here isn’t performance. Despite the fact that the Series 3 will be significantly slower than Apple’s freshest and finest, it still performs well given its age.

Series 3 has two main flaws, the biggest of which being its inability to get upgrades. The current version of watchOS is still supported by the Series 3 despite the fact that several functionalities are missing. Miraculously. It is, however, quite difficult to upgrade the Series 3 model. For an update, you have to totally delete your watch because the storage capacity is so constrained on the watch.

A huge hassle, and one that no other supported Apple product has to contend with. For newbies, the Series 3 was a decent watch. Now, I can’t suggest it to anyone at all.

What about the second ding? It costs an additional $80 to upgrade to the following model. The additional money might add up, but even an extra $80 makes a significant impact. Please do not buy the Series 3 from me, but I beg you to reconsider. If you’re using Apple Watch Studio, the Series 3 isn’t an option. You shouldn’t buy one of these products from Apple.

SE model of the Apple Watch

For the most cheap Apple wearable, the Apple Watch SE is the ideal name. As of now, the 40mm and 44mm models cost $279 and $309, respectively, which is $80 more expensive than the Series 3. You don’t have to wipe your watch every time you want to update your watch since the watch has a larger screen and more current features like an upgraded heart sensor, fall detection compass, and always-on altimeter; and you don’t have to delete your watch when you want to update it.

You also receive a new dual-core S5 SiP processor, which, compared to the Series 3’s dual-core S3 SiP chip, delivers a huge performance boost to practically all processes. For the S5 SiP, Apple claims that it can be up to twice as fast as the S3 SiP.

In addition, the Apple Watch SE Nike is now available, which is essentially the same watch as the ordinary SE, but comes with a range of Nike band options as well as Nike watch faces.

The Apple Watch SE, like the iPad 9, iPhone SE, or MacBook Air, is the one for the majority. It provides virtually all of the features you’d expect from an iPhone companion at a very reasonable price. You should seriously consider the SE instead of the Series 3.

Series 7 of the Apple Watch

Smartwatches from Apple are becoming better and better. While it’s not as luxurious as the SE or Series 3 models, it has the most features and most options compared to them. Is the person you’re buying the gadget for interested in all the “watching” stuff you’re offering? Until then, we’ll have to see.

Depending on the model, the Series 7 costs $399 (41mm) or $429 (42mm) (45mm). Even though the SE’s display size is 1mm larger than the X, it doesn’t appear to be a significant difference. It is, however, the Series 7’s display design that sets it apart from the SE in the most significant way. According to Apple, you receive a screen area that is over 20% larger than the SE. Holding the two watches next to each other, you’ll note that the Series 7 seems a little more up-to-date. According to Apple, this display is also up to 70% brighter inside.

In addition to the blood oxygen sensor, an ECG sensor, Apple’s third-generation heart sensor, the dual-core S7 SiP processor, and faster charging, the Series 7 can offer you above the SE.

The Series 7 is available in aluminum, as well as stainless steel and titanium, for the higher costs we previously noted. Apple now provides a unique Hermès alternative, which includes a stainless steel watch with a range of exquisite leather bands, as well as the Nike aluminum version. The Hermès Series 7 costs between $1349 and $1499, so it’s not a cheap option.

This is what Apple is prepared to offer you. There are more Apple Watch possibilities if you go outside of Apple’s shops.

Watch Series 6 for Apple

For anyone asking why the Series 6 is not listed on Apple’s website, it is because the watch was discontinued when Apple released the Series 7. That’s a pity! Even if you can’t locate one, the Series 6 may be the best watch for GPS and cellular connectivity, depending on where you can get one.

Aluminum Series 6 watches may be purchased on Amazon for between $385 and $420. If you can’t afford a GPS Series 7, you can purchase a Series 6 with cellular connectivity for the same price. Is it worth the trade-offs?

In addition to its bigger and brighter display, the Series 7 has a blood oxygen sensor, increased durability (according to Apple), and faster charging. As long as you don’t mind sacrificing a few features, a Series 6 could be the best option. As a “discontinued model,” you may get amazing deals on it because it contains all the other features of the Series 7.

Previous Apple Watches

Despite Apple’s decision to retire the Series 4 and Series 5 models, they may still be found on the market. If you want to buy a brand-new watch that has never been worn before, you should stick to the Series 6 or newer. Many of Amazon’s listings for refurbished or “reconditioned” models of the Series 4 and Series 5 are open box, pre-owned, or even fixed. There is nothing wrong with it, but you may be seeking for something fresh for the holidays. As a bonus, you may expect to discover some great prices on a Series 6, SE, or even the newer Series 7.

Know that if you happen to come across both the Series 4s and the Series 5s when shopping, they’re extremely comparable timepieces. The inclusion of Always On Display, a compass, a slightly enhanced ambient light sensor, and 32 GB of storage are all included in the Series 5’s new capabilities.