Notes: How to Protect Your Confidential Information (and Why You Should)

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Photo: Ekaterina_Minaeva (Shutterstock) – Notes is a great program for encrypting important files including images, movies, and documents. Many programs may be found if you search for data or photo vaults. ” For confidential information like passwords, photographs, or bank accounts, you might not want to trust a third-party iPhone app that has a thousand 5-star reviews. As a matter of fact, the Notes app in the iPhone works better.

Even though you won’t have the same document management and organization tools, you will be able to add and protect any media to a secure note. An Apple-encrypted note that can be accessed with a password, Touch ID, or Face ID and is synchronized across all of your Apple devices.

Apple Notes for iPhone, iPad, and Mac: How to Insert Files and Photos?

The process of encrypting a text message is simple. The first step in securing any of these files is to include them in the memo in the first place.. Create a new note on your iPhone or iPad and then hit the Camera button above the keyboard. Please select one from your personal library by clicking the “Choose Photo or Video” button in this section. Using the “Scan Documents” option, you may scan and save any documents you have.

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Importing data from the Files app, or any other app, is not an option in this app. It’s possible to bypass this limitation by dragging and dropping papers into the Notes app. You’ll need iOS 15 or later on an iPad or iPhone to take use of this feature.

Simply press and hold the file to choose it, then drag your finger to move it into your hand. Switch to your Notes app using your other hand and look for the aforementioned note. To add the data to the note, let go of your finger. You may not be able to preview or see the data in the note because of the data type, but you may use the Share option to open it in another app that is compatible.

It’s significantly easier to import data to your Mac. Any type of file may be moved around with a simple drag-and-drop.

Learn how to secure your iPhone or iPad’s notes.

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In order to protect your information, it’s time to lock the note. Lock a note in the Notes app by selecting it from the list. The “Lock” option may be found by pressing the three-dot More button.

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Locking a note for the first time requires you to enter a password and a clue. Also, if you want to open the notes without having to enter a password, be sure you select the Touch ID or Face ID option. To save the setting, press the “Done” button.

You’ll be asked to reenter your password every time you lock a new note. Using the Lock icon (that looks like a padlock) from the top toolbar, you may instantly lock or unlock the note.

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Note unlocking is simple: It’s simple to access a note, touch “View Note,” and login using a password or Touch ID.

To keep your notes safe on Mac, here’s how to do it

Locking notes on the Mac is simple: The “Lock Note” option may be found by clicking the Lock button on the top toolbar and selecting it from the drop-down list.

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The first time you use it, you’ll be prompted to establish a new password and offer a clue. The option to unlock notes with Touch ID should be enabled if your Mac has Touch ID. Save the settings by clicking the “Set Password” button.

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To unlock a locked note, you’ll be asked to scan your fingerprint with Touch ID.

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Additionally, on the Mac, you may immediately lock all unlocked notes. Choose “Close All Locked Notes” by clicking the Lock symbol.

In the settings, you may also activate Touch ID for locked notes.. After clicking on “Notes,” pick “Preferences.” Turn on “Use Touch ID” under the Locked Notes section from here.

Remove the lock from your notes

What if you don’t want to lock a note anymore? Open the note on your iPhone or iPad, then press the three-dotted More icon. Select “Remove” from the drop-down menu here.

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Locate the note on your Mac, then click the Lock icon in the toolbar at the top and select “Remove Lock.”