Adele requested that Spotify remove Shuffle as a default setting, but the feature is still available

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Screenshot: Jody Serrano / Gizmodo / Spotify – As of today, albums on Spotify will no longer automatically play in “shuffle.” Despite this, you may still select to shuffle the platform’s player’s tracks. Most of us know that the sequence in which songs appear on an album has an impact on the listening experience. However, with the emergence of “shuffle” options in streaming, skipping around has never been easier. Adele wanted her fans to be able to listen to her new album, “30,” in its entirety after a six-year sabbatical, so she turned to one of the most popular streaming services for aid.

For Adele’s newest album, which debuted Friday, she requested that Spotify eliminate shuffle as the default playback mode. Music platforms will be able to respect artists’ work and intentions, according to the singer. In addition to “30,” all of Adele’s albums on Spotify have been removed from Spotify’s shuffle option, which is a circle with interconnected arrows.

My sole desire in this ever-evolving sector was for just one thing: “We don’t put so much time and attention into our track lists as we do into our albums,” Adele wrote. If you want to understand what we’re trying to express via our work, you need just look at it.” She thanked Spotify for taking the time to listen.

When asked whether she wanted more money for musicians, the streaming service said yes, and it looked glad to comply with her request.

Spotify said, “I’ll do anything for you.”

Social media reacted to Adele’s revelation with applause and disdain, with some believing the artist had pushed Spotify to permanently remove the shuffle option. Even so, you can still shuffle your music collection.

According to Gizmodo, the shuffle option has been removed from other artists’ albums on the site (Ed Sheeran, BTS, Blackpink, Taylor Swift) and albums are now played in order by default. The shuffle option was still available while playing an individual song from an album in the Spotify player.

The removal of shuffle as the default playback mode for albums was confirmed by Spotify on Sunday, but Gizmodo was unable to get a reaction by the time of publishing.

A “new premium feature” (because evidently the option to not shuffle is a “feature”) has been desired by users and artists for a long time, Spotify claimed in a statement to Variety.

In order to shuffle an album, users may access the Now Playing View and pick the’shuffle’ option. ” To ensure the greatest possible experience for both artists and fans, we will continue to improve our goods and features.”