A Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle Is Expected to Be Called the Apple Car

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Photo: Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images (Getty Images)

techno.rentetan.com – Apple’s long-rumored electric vehicle project is being “refocused” on the development of a self-driving automobile. Apple’s long-rumored but not officially disclosed electric car has seen several bumps and diversions throughout its development, but a recent source claims that Apple has established the Apple Car’s plan, which would culminate in a completely autonomous self-driving electric vehicle by 2025.

An Apple Car team was previously unable to choose between a more typical electric car with increased driver-assist capabilities or a more advanced electric vehicle capable of true autonomous driving without any input from its occupants, sources familiar with the subject tell Bloomberg.

A new Apple Car project leader and a Bloomberg article indicate that Project Titan (Apple’s codename for the Apple Car) has chosen the latter path, with the company seeking to develop a completely autonomous car that does not have pedals or steering.

No carmaker has ever released a Level 5 autonomous vehicle, described as a vehicle that can pilot itself without human intervention in all circumstances or driving situations. Of course, making a self-driving car is easier said than done.

Earlier rumors said that Apple was considering working with Hyundai to develop an EV platform on which it could build its own technology. However, negotiations broke down because Hyundai executives apparently did not want to be restricted to the role of component seller.

A more futuristic automotive design with open-concept seating like that of EV startup Canoo and enormous “iPad-like” displays for the car’s infotainment is being considered by Apple, according to Bloomberg. Apple is reportedly studying the possibility of removing the steering wheel from the automobile, as well as incorporating some type of emergency takeover mode.

It appears that the business plan for the automobile is still being worked out by the corporation. According to Bloomberg, Apple is exploring building a fleet of self-driving cars that would function more like Uber or Lyft rather than selling individual vehicles.

A new CPU meant to monitor and handle Project Titan and new self-driving sensors have recently been installed on Apple’s existing fleet of test vehicles, according to Bloomberg. This is a big milestone for the Apple Car’s autonomous driving system.

However, even if Apple makes big breakthroughs, it will still have to compete with Tesla and Waymo, who have been testing various autonomous driving systems on public roads for years. Only 69 modified Lexus SUVs presently make up Apple’s fleet of test cars. Absent a self-driving system, Apple will still have to rely on third parties for the foundation of its electric vehicle (EV), since the corporation apparently lacks manufacturing capabilities capable of constructing a full automobile.

Don’t expect the long-rumored Apple Car to be released until 2026 or later, since Apple’s 2025 launch date has been referred to as “extremely ambitious.”