Your Name Is the Least Siri Can Do for You

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Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) – In iOS 15, there is a new technique to train Siri to correctly pronounce names.. No one likes Siri, and if it consistently pronounces your name wrong, it’s doing little to make you feel better about the virtual assistant.. Until iOS 14, you could notify Siri that the pronunciation of your (or another contact’s) name was wrong and give it the right pronunciation. In iOS 15, this technique has been eliminated, however there is still a way to repair it.

The best way to get Siri to pronounce your name correctly in iOS 15

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

It is possible in iOS 15 to customize the way Siri pronounces a contact’s first and last names by entering phonetic names in the Contacts app’s phonetic names boxes. (Apple is generous enough to enable you to specify the right pronunciations in the “Company Name” area as well.)

Here’s how to correct Siri’s name pronunciations on iOS 15:

  1. Open your iPhone or iPad’s Contacts app.
  2. Take use of the Edit button at the top of the screen to rectify any grammatical mistakes.
  3. You may add a new field by scrolling to the bottom and tapping the button.
  4. You can choose to enter your phonetic first name, middle name, or last name, depending on what is most appropriate for you. You may alter a firm’s name’s pronunciation by selecting Phonetic name of the company from the drop-down menu.
  5. Upon adding these fields, scroll up and write in the right phonetic pronunciations in the fields. (For example, if Siri isn’t pronouncing “Jacob” right, you may write something like “Jay-cub”)

If you’re having problems writing a name phonetically so Siri can pronounce it correctly, you can always do a Google search for “[name] + pronunciation.” Above the first search result, Google provides an audio and written description of the word. To get started, simply copy the text into the Contacts app and you’ll be all set.