When Your iPhone 12 or 13 frequently drops calls, here’s how to fix it

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Photo: Farknot Architect (Shutterstock)

techno.rentetan.com – Please contact us if you’re experiencing frequent call dropouts on your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. Troubleshooting an iPhone that keeps losing calls might be tricky. To put it another way, if you can no longer easily switch to Cingular Wireless, what are you going to do without the network’s support? A new remedy, though, can assist if your problem is related to an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.

On Wednesday, November 17, Apple released a new software update. For those who have an iPhone 11 or earlier, you may not have known about this new feature. However, regardless of whatever iPhone model you hold, you may not have been aware of the update if you don’t pay attention to iPhone updates.

Only iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models may get iOS 15.1.1, the latest software release. Whether it’s the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13, or the iPhone 13, 13 small, the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, or the iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max, it’s all the same. It’s because of the one stated aim of this update that all eight of these iPhones are eligible to receive it:

Call drop performance on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 devices has been improved by iOS 15.1.1.

Apple’s latest software update does not guarantee that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models will no longer lose calls, but it does indicate that the problem has been recognized and rectified. There’s no harm in updating your iPhone as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not you’re experiencing these troubles.

How to install iOS 15.1.1 on a device

Go to Settings > General > Software Upgrade in order to update your iPhone 12 or 13 to iOS 15.1.1. You’ll be able to see if your iPhone is up to date by looking at this page. You’ll see 15.1.1 here if you haven’t updated your iPhone. The update may be completed by clicking “Download and Install,” then following the on-screen directions. As long as your iPhone is connected to both WiFi and a power source, you may just leave it to update overnight.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson