Smartwatches can be pricey, and the Moto Watch 100 is no exception

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Rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars for a Wear OS wristwatch, consider the Moto Watch 100. Image: Moto Watch – iPhones are also compatible with the latest Moto Watch OS. Even though the Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the only smartwatches worth owning, Samsung may finally have a challenger in the Android-compatible wearables arena. A brand you’d never expect to be a competitor shows up.

What about the Moto 360? But not the Motorola-designed wristwatch. “The most ubiquitous consumer electronics sector you have never heard of,” eBuyNow, the maker of this Moto 360 wristwatch, has said. The Moto Watch 100, a new smartwatch from CE Brands, has been unveiled by the business. In addition, it is not a Wear OS device, while being compatible with Android.

The $100 is The Moto Watch 100 appears to be an affordable smartwatch option for anyone who don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars. An aluminum casing and a quick-release band make it easy to add a splash of color to the otherwise neutral watch chassis shown in the press shots.. An LCD display of 1.36 inches in diameter and a heart rate and blood oxygen level monitor have become common features on most recent smartwatches. While the Moto Watch 100 is also water-resistant and sweat-proof, it is also engineered to withstand pressures of 50m. It has a 5-ATM water-resistance rating.

Google and Samsung’s new Wear OS, or even Google’s old Wear OS, isn’t running on the Moto Watch 100. Rather, it’s running an older version of Wear OS. Moto Watch OS, a mobile app-based operating system, appears to be the only way the watch can detect your activity and deliver notifications. Official listings indicate an Android app, while an iOS app is due out in December. According to the press announcement, the Moto Watch OS may be the key to the watch’s long battery life. The Moto Watch 100 has a 355 mAh battery that claims up to two weeks of battery life from a single 60-minute charge.

Most of Moto Watch 100’s specs were revealed less than a day ago at 91Mobiles, after rumours that there will be additional Moto Watch launches in the near future. It’ll be fascinating to see whether the Moto Watch 100 finds a following now that it’s ready for presale. With Samsung on board, the Wear OS is being reworked by Google for its wearable devices. However, very few watches are running the new software. At this stage, most consumers may be OK with an inexpensive cross-platform watch with some decent health essentials.