As a gift for the holidays, now is your best chance to get a PlayStation 5

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Photo: Pickaxe Media (Shutterstock) – Whether you’re going to be bringing a PlayStation 5 or not, we’d want to know. Even as the PS5 enters its second Christmas season, the latest PlayStation console continues to rank atop many gamers’ wish lists. Just name me Ishmael. Signing up for Sony’s PS5 pre-order program gives you the opportunity to acquire a PS5 directly from the company rather than relying on monitoring sites, shop inventory, or desperate bundles of games.

Signing up for Sony’s PS5 pre-order program is free and anyone with a PlayStation Network account can do so. This news would be dull in almost any other context (imagine if Apple made a big deal out of their new promotion—sign up here and you could win the chance to buy an iPhone directly from us at full price). Only the right to purchase the goods as you usually would is granted, with no discounts or freebies.

Because of the current condition of events, Sony’s announcement here is newsworthy. For many of us, the PS5 has become so hard to get legally that the possibility to purchase one from Sony is amazing.

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Because getting your hands on Sony’s newest PlayStation wasn’t challenging enough, the year 2021 decided to make it much more impossible. The global chip shortage indicates that electronics are in limited supply because of a strong demand for their parts. On the heels of this announcement, Nintendo’s president also revealed that the business will have difficulty meeting demand for the next Christmas season by producing as many Switches as they would want.

The PS5 is going to be tougher to come by than ever this Christmas season, so if you can find a way to get your hands on one, do so.

In addition to these, what else is available from Sony?

Aside from the normal PlayStation 5 and the Digital Edition, those who are chosen by Sony to acquire a PS5 will be able to purchase the following goods from Sony directly:

  • a PlayStation 5 system or a PS5 digital edition (of course).
  • wireless controllers with dual-sensor dual (Bundles, Cosmic Red or Midnight Black).
  • 3-piece DualSense wireless gaming set (White).
  • Only one PS5 Media Remote is needed.
  • 1 wireless 3D PULSE headset.

How to register for a chance to purchase a PlayStation 5

Visit Sony’s official sign-up page to get started. When you get there, click “Sign-in to register” and use your PlayStation Network ID to log in. In the unlikely event that you don’t already have a PSN ID, you may create one for free by visiting this page.

Sony may want you to provide them with further information about your account. Click “Do This Later” if you want to continue later rather than immediately. So your mileage may vary, but I couldn’t proceed without first changing my personal information. In reality, with so many people attempting to register for the opportunity to purchase a PS5, the website may simply be a glitchy disaster. Don’t give up, and if you have to, keep logging in.

Scroll back down to “Sign-in to register” and select “Sign up” when you’ve logged in. It’s done. From now on, keep an eye on the email address associated with your PSN ID because Sony will send you an email with information on when and where to purchase a PlayStation 5 if you are selected. However, if you miss that window, you won’t be able to purchase anything else until your time runs out.