Finally, You Can Use Google Maps in Dark Mode

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Image: Google – Thankfully, Google Maps won’t be able to see us at night. There will be no more daylight savings time; darkness falls at 5 p.m. each day. To your horror, the brightest Google Maps you’ve ever seen (it’s even reflecting off the friggin windshield) appears as soon as you get in your car and start the engine. We can’t adjust the time or harness the sun’s rays for you, but we can assist you enable dark mode on Google Maps.

According to The Verge, Google has finally put out dark mode, which initially arrived on the iPhone back in September. The firm, on the other hand, is content to keep the function under wraps and is just now notifying customers through a pop-up that it is available at all.. For those who haven’t gotten a notification about Google Maps’ dark mode, it’s simple enough to turn it on for Android and iOS users.

To enable dark mode in Google Maps for iOS, follow these steps

On the iPhone, enabling dark mode is a cinch. You’ll first need to open the app, and then hit your profile in the upper-right corner. Then select “Dark Mode” from the “Settings” menu. You’ll see three options: “On,” which activates dark mode; “Off,” which disables dark mode; or “Same as device setting.”

If you choose this last option, Google Maps will launch in dark mode to match the rest of your iPhone’s look. Google Maps will appear in light mode if your iPhone is in light mode. There are a few ways to customize your iPhone’s appearance, but this is the most convenient for me.

If you’re using iOS’s automatic dark mode feature, this setting will come in handy even more. My iPhone is programmed to switch on dark mode when the sun sets and turn it off when the sun comes up. Using this method, my phone is in dark mode while it’s dark outside, and in light mode when it’s light outside. Whenever I open Google Maps during the night, it now launches in dark mode by default.

Using Google Maps on Android, how do you turn on dark mode?

Google Maps for Android can also be set to dark mode with a few taps. Open the app, and then tap your profile in the upper-right corner. Take a look at “Settings” and then “Theme.” There are three options to choose from: “On,” “Off,” and “Same as device settings,” much like on iOS.

Since September 2020, Google Maps has been testing a dark mode for Android devices; the functionality was put out early this year. No surprise that Google Maps and Android were the first to get the new functionality.