USB-C iPhones are now selling for $86,001, proving that Apple is leaving money on the table with their USB-C iPhones

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Screenshot: Ken Pillonel/YouTube – A USB-C iPhone is clearly in demand. Is Apple paying attention? As a basic technical project, the auction for the world’s first USB-C iPhone concluded with a winning price of $86,001, which is a significant windfall for the device’s designer.

As of recent, the internet has been charmed by master’s engineering student Ken Pillonel’s initiative to include a functional USB-C connection on an iPhone X Pillonel’s unique USB-C iPhone enables complete functionality for both charging and data transmission without affecting performance or increasing the overall dimensions of the phone.

Screenshot: Ken Pillonel/ebay

As Pillonel demonstrated in a video detailing the project, replacing Apple’s traditional Lightning port with the USB-C port required not only reverse engineering the C94 connector, but a custom circuit board that went inside the iPhone and modifications to the iPhone’s chassis to accommodate the USB-C port’s slightly larger connector. When Pillonel completed the world’s first operational USB-C port in an iPhone, he placed it up for auction on the eBay website.

It was, however, uncertain how much the project would cost, despite its impressiveness. That’s because bids immediately increased from $1,000 (the price of a new iPhone) to $30,000 before finally reaching $80,000, and that doesn’t include a few offers above $100,000 that were later withdrawn.

The auction ended this morning with a winning offer of $86,001 after all that, including an apparent troll bid of $1 million and Pillonel’s restrictions that the buyer should not pull down, upgrade, or use the special USB-C iPhone as a daily driver.

Even though Pillonel’s USB-C iPhone project was developed using an earlier iPhone X, the high winning score and the attention the project received appear to indicate that people are anxious for a USB-C iPhone.

While some iPhone owners may be unhappy at having to move to a new connector (again), with all of Apple’s latest iPads, MacBooks, and desktop PCs already sporting one or more USB-C connections, it has become clearly evident that the iPhone is an anomaly even among Apple gadgets.

However, at this moment, it appears like Apple may develop a completely portless iPhone before it replaces Lightning with USB-C. But if you’ve got a lot of money, you can get your hands on a USB-C iPhone like Pillonel’s.