There’s No Timetable for a New Google Pixelbook Just Yet

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When will the Pixelbook have its long-overdue comeback? Photo: Alex Cranz / Gizmodo – It appears that Google’s excellent Chromebook will not be updated until at least 2023. You’ll have to keep waiting if you’ve been hoping for a new Chromebook from Google. A member of the Chromebook team has stated that there would be no new Pixelbook in 2022.

Trusted Reviews says that Chrys Tsolaki, Google’s retail partner manager for Chromebooks, made a statement on the future of Pixelbooks at a Qualcomm event in London. Tsolaki predicted that “next year there would be nothing.” “I don’t know what the future holds.”

However, if this report is accurate, it implies that the Google Pixelbook, which was introduced in 2017, would not be updated until 2023 at the latest.

The two-in-one convertible notebook from Google was a great value for Chromebook users. I’ve typed hundreds of words on its comfy keyboard over the years and it’s equipped with Intel CPUs, pen capability, a snappy trackpad, and a bright touchscreen display.” I love this laptop.

The Pixelbook’s two-year upgrade schedule means that some people will still be able to use it for some time to come. However, four years later, there are several other Chromebooks on the market.

They were the Pixel Slate and the Pixelbook Go, which were designed for students. People who wanted a capable tablet with Chrome OS’s dual-app capability could get the Pixel Slate, while the Pixelbook Go was a stripped-down version of Google’s flagship Pixelbook designed for college students. In their own way, they were both powerful computers but didn’t quite have the impact of the original Pixelbook.

This might explain why Google hasn’t rushed out a new Chromebook just yet, given how fierce the Chromebook market is right now. There are a variety of Chromebooks from Acer, ranging from the huge $380 Chromebook 317 to 14-inch devices that promise PC-like performance (the $630 Chromebook Spin 713.) Chromebooks from the likes of Asus, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo are also available for a variety of needs.

Even with Chromebooks, there is less of a need than there used to be. Chromebook sales spiked during the epidemic, but once students returned to classes, sales began to decline. Things may be a touch overcrowded with Microsoft’s $250 education-focused Surface Laptop SE on the market.

In the short term, Google may have opted to focus on its flagship smartphone line and the CPUs that power it. Chromebooks powered by local chips may be on the company’s radar in 2023.

Please check back for updates on this topic as soon as we hear back from Google.