Your iPhone’s ‘Low Power Mode’ Can Be Customized

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Photo: karanik yimpat (Shutterstock) – “Low power mode” may be scheduled to run at a specified time of day or when your battery is at a certain %. You can slow down the rate at which your iPhone depletes its battery life if you have an iPhone that is more than a year old. Low-power mode on your iPhone is one of those tricks. When your battery becomes low, you may manually turn it on, or you can set it to run at a given time each day, or even at a predetermined percentage.

The iPhone’s Low Power Mode is activated by default when the battery is 20% charged or less. If you’re like most people, you’re already past the point of no return when it comes to your iPhone’s battery life. To rescue the day, automation can step in.

How can I set my iPhone to automatically switch to low power mode?

When it comes to automation on the iPhone, the Shortcuts app is your best bet. If you don’t already have it, go ahead and download it so you can automate tasks on your iPhone.

Then open Shortcuts and select the Automation option to get started. Create Personal Automation by clicking the Plus button in the upper-right corner. Now that you know what your automation is going to do, you can select what the trigger is. Using Time of Day, you may schedule Low Power Mode to operate at a pre-selected time and frequency (daily).

Click Next > Add an Action. Search for Set Low Power Mode in the search box and choose it from the results. Make sure that your automated action reads “Turn Low Power Mode On” and then press Next. Uncheck Ask Before Running, then press Don’t Ask and Done on the final step.

Now you may set your iPhone to operate in Low Power Mode at a predetermined time each day.

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

As an alternative, you may schedule the same automation to run when your iPhone’s battery level drops below a pre-determined threshold. You may achieve this by creating a new personal automation and setting the trigger to Battery Level (instead of Time of Day). The first step is to set the slider to the desired percentage of battery life. Afterward, choose Falls Below X Percentage (where X is the percentage you chose). It’s just like establishing Low Power Mode at a specified time each day, and the rest of the instructions are the same.

Ultra Low Power is an option if you forget your charger and are flying for a long time and don’t have access to a charging outlet. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other battery-draining sensors will be turned off. The screen brightness is then reduced to zero, and you may safely store your iPhone until you need to use it again or have access to a charger.