How to Access the Multi-Device Beta of WhatsApp Immediately

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Photo: guteksk7 (Shutterstock) – Last week’s tease about WhatsApp’s multi-device compatibility was finally fulfilled. If your phone isn’t always connected and handy, you may still use WhatsApp on your computer using the multi-device function—a tool that allows you to access WhatsApp on up to four devices. End-to-end encryption will still be used to safeguard your messages. Even though WhatsApp has been slow to push out the function, it is now available to everyone in the form of a public beta. Whatsapp’s multi-device capability is explained in detail here.

How the multi-device functionality of WhatsApp works

Telegram and Facebook Messenger are only two examples of messaging apps that may be used with WhatsApp. In a way, yes. At least once every 14 days, you must manually link devices using QR codes, and these devices must reconnect with your smartphone.

Only one phone may be linked to your WhatsApp account at a time, despite the fact that you can use WhatsApp on up to four connected devices (including Facebook Portal). The WhatsApp Desktop software will automatically and securely download your most recent chats from WhatsApp when it is launched once you’ve activated this feature.

Is there a way to make WhatsApp available on several devices?

From the WhatsApp settings, you may enable the functionality to see if it works for you. As part of the “Settings” page, select the “Linked Devices” option. Start by selecting the “Multi-Device Beta” option, then clicking “Join Beta.” The “Continue” button can be tapped from the pop-up that displays.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Select “Linked Devices” from the three-dotted menu button in the toolbar at the top of your Android smartphone. Finally, press “Join Beta” under the “Multi-Device Beta” area.

The multi-device beta will be activated after the procedure is complete. The WhatsApp Desktop app for Mac or PC will log you out of any existing sessions on connected devices and need you to reconnect. Go ahead and launch the WhatsApp desktop client to get started! Go to the “Linked Devices” area of WhatsApp and hit the “Link a Device” button on your mobile devices. To link the gadget, simply scan the QR code.

It will take some time for the app to retrieve your most recent WhatsApp chats and images after it has been scanned. After the process is complete, you may continue using WhatsApp as normal.

WhatsApp beta restrictions on using it on multiple devices (and how to leave the beta)

Things aren’t perfect or even finished because this is a beta. The multi-device beta for the WhatsApp Desktop software is still missing a slew of WhatsApp capabilities. The following functionalities aren’t supported by WhatsApp, according to the company:

  • For iPhone users, clearing or removing communications from partner devices.
  • Using WhatsApp on a phone that has a very ancient version of the app.
  • Tablets are being used.
  • using a partner device to see where you are in real time
  • Companion devices can be used to broadcast a list of contacts.
  • Transferring voice and data between portals that have and have not joined the Multi-Device Beta.
  • Using the WhatsApp Web to send messages that include link previews.

To exit the test, go back to the “Linked Devices” section of WhatsApp Settings and touch “Multi-Device Beta,” then “Leave beta.”