Why You Shouldn’t Allow Android 12 to Change Your Wallpaper Automatically

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Photo: Chikena (Shutterstock)

techno.rentetan.com – A new Android quirk might cause problems when changing backgrounds. With significant software upgrades, companies provide new lock screen wallpaper options for customers to test, while whole online communities are dedicated to producing and sharing the best-looking lock screen photos. Make sure you know what you’re doing if you’re using Android, because changing your background will force your programs to restart.

We may thank Google’s Material You for this

Android 12’s Material You design appears to be the source of the problem. New UI updates automatically adjust the OS color theme to match your background color. Your phone’s UI changes color if you have a yellow background on your phone. The UI changes color if your wallpaper is blue. Adding an extra degree of complexity to Android, this is a great design.

It’s a great feature, but it’s creating havoc on app memory. When you change your background, Android automatically restarts all of your current apps. Switching wallpaper on Android 12 will cause all of your applications to stop working, even though the OS is responsible for this.

There are several serious ramifications to this: You may lose your progress on a game; you could lose your work in an app that doesn’t automatically save. All because you decided to change the wallpaper on your computer without thinking. Using an automated wallpaper change setting? You might wish to put that feature on hold for the time being.

It’s not a bug that Android 12 crashes apps

The issue is that this is a deliberate conduct. A background swap causes all activities to resume, and app developers cannot opt out of this restart, according to Google. As compared to how the system handles moving from light to dark mode, this is a significant improvement. Changing themes also causes applications to restart, although developers can choose to disable this feature.

For the time being, changing your Android 12 wallpaper will force your phone to restart any active apps. You should wait until you no longer need to utilize any of your applications to change the background before doing so. That’s probably great for the majority of us, but it’s strange that we should be concerned about this at all.

It is only Pixel smartphones that have been impacted (for now)

In the current state, Android’s nature has shielded the majority of users from this problem. A wallpaper change won’t affect your open applications if you’re using an Android device other than the Pixel from Google; this is because the update is currently only accessible for Google’s Pixel smartphones.

There’s little doubt that Android 12 is coming to additional devices. Your phone will have the same problem when it’s time to upgrade unless Google does anything about this software glitch.