With the recent addition of Android compatibility for the popular Backbone One gaming controller

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The Backbone One works great with the iPhone. But only with the iPhone. 
Photo: Damon Beres / Gizmodo

techno.rentetan.com – If you wish to use the Backbone One controller with an Android device, you will require a Lightning cable. The Backbone One, a $100 iPhone-only gaming controller, has received a lot of positive feedback. For its low-to-no latency and general comfort, it’s frequently praised for making gaming on your phone easier and more enjoyable. For Android users like me, this popular accessory is now supported on a wider range of devices. The fact that this is an iPhone-only gadget is evident.

Backbone Plus, a new subscription tier, was recently unveiled by the company. New high-resolution gameplay recording and turn-key Twitch broadcasting through the Backbone mobile app are included in the annual fee of $50, or $4.17 per month for annually. Additionally, the subscription allows you to utilize the Backbone One controller with Android phones.

The Backbone One, on the other hand, requires a Lightning-to-USB connection to function. When it’s all set up, it looks like a console controller attached to a small TV screen.

As a result, the Backbone One can only be used with an iPhone. To make use of the controller, you must have your iPhone in landscape mode. An exposed Lightning port on the right side, which is exclusively compatible with Apple’s mobile devices, is visible. As a result, you can theoretically use the Backbone One controller with an Android phone, but you won’t be able to insert your phone into the controller as you can with an iPhone.

Instead, Android users should purchase any 8BitDo controllers that are compatible with Bluet00th and use them to play games. Additionally, there is the Razer Kishi controller, which has a USB-C version that cradles the device to provide the same handheld aesthetic as the Backbone One.

It is possible to play games on a MacBook or iPad with a Backbone One and the accompanying mobile software, but you will need to subscribe to the Backbone Plus service in order to do so.

A lifetime subscription to Backbone Plus will be given to everyone who was previously a user of the service before to today’s announcement. Additionally, the first year of participation in Backbone One is free for all new users.