Why Buying a Nintendo Switch for Christmas Is Going to Be Difficult (and What to Do About It)

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Photo: Taner Muhlis Karaguzel (Shutterstock)

techno.rentetan.com – For those who can get their hands on one, the Nintendo Switch is a popular gift this year. Although the Nintendo Switch has been out for over five years, it continues to be a trendy item in the gaming market. OLED Switch appears to be sold out at all times among the three models (original, Lite, and OLED). However, if you’re hoping to get one of these for Christmas, you’ll have to do some serious searching.. Today.

A lack of chips means fewer Switches for the holidays.

In case you didn’t know, the globe is now facing a semiconductor scarcity. It’s not just the computer sector that’s feeling the squeeze from the chip shortage. You’ve probably heard of the thousands unfinished automobiles that sit idle, awaiting the availability of chips to power their computer systems, for example.

There are already 1.5 million fewer Switches expected to be sold this holiday season than originally planned. A Switch-less market of over a million additional customers will make it more difficult to locate a Switch as a gift or for your own benefit. Yikes.

No Christmas miracle appears to be in the cards for this area, unfortunately. No reason to expect the manufacturing delay to reverse before the end-of-year rush: Nintendo’s president

When it comes to the impending holiday shopping season, we won’t be able to keep up with demand. We are not seeing much progress at the moment, so I’m not sure how much longer things will remain how they are.

As far as how long this scarcity will endure, experts in the industry disagree. While some predict that everything will be back to normal in 2023 or 2024, others have a more pessimistic perspective. Others believe that by 2022, demand will be low enough to get everything back on track. Switches will not be saved from this Christmas season no matter how long this crisis continues.

How to find a Switch for the holidays?

Now is the greatest time to begin shopping. As soon as possible. Turn on your computer’s browser and start investigating!

The latest OLED form of the Switch is the most sought-after variation of the hardware. In addition to a bigger, OLED display, this model costs $50 more than the Nintendo Switch. A “sold out” banner will be a common sight when investigating this one because of its rarity. Tracking sites like as Restockify, Stock Informer, or HotStock (or all three) can notify you when a retailer has the OLED Switch in stock.

Checking with businesses in person is also a good idea if you have the time to do so. Assuming the shop is out of stock, it may have received a fresh shipment and not been able to update their online inventory.

A standard Switch or a Switch Lite isn’t hard to come by as of this article’s publishing. In the current market, Amazon isn’t a suitable choice because of low availability and rising pricing. Amazon There appears to be a selection of these gadgets at Best Buy or Target, as well as at other retailers. It all depends on where you are.

Avoid getting fooled into a false feeling of security if you discover Switches in stock at your local retailers. Exactly how many Nintendo Switches will be available once that first supply is depleted remains a mystery. This is the time of year when Nintendo’s consoles are in high demand, so if you can get your hands on one while it’s still available, do so.

Even the video game industry has not been spared from this crisis of supply. Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s president, said Thursday that the company’s capacity to create new Switch systems has been strained by a scarcity of semiconductor chips. Nintendo had anticipated that it could ship 25.5 million devices, but that number has now decreased to 24 million, a 6% decline in shipping capacity.