Google has promised to fix Pixel 6 Pro’s Flickering Display Issue

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Photo: Sam Rutherford – Some Pixel 6 customers have claimed that their screens flicker when the phone is unplugged. In December, Google plans to provide a fix for the issue. The introduction of the Pixel 6 has been largely uneventful so far, however a strange glitch has crept up: While the Pixel 6 Pro went on sale last week, a few Reddit users reported that the phone’s screen flickers when it’s switched off, but only when you push the phone’s power button.

Google has already updated the Pixel 6’s help forums with further information on the lingering light fault, including recommendations on how to prevent the bug and a pledge to remedy the issue next month as part of the Pixel 6’s December software update.

“Pixel 6 Pro users may detect minor, temporary display abnormalities when the device is switched off, and when they push on the power button with modest pressure but not enough [pressure] to turn it on.”

Google recommends that Pixel 6 Pro customers avoid pushing the power button hard enough and instead hold the power button down until the phone turns on.

Google maintains the lingering light problem is not a hardware issue, and thus does not pose any long-term dangers to the performance or longevity of the Pixel 6 Pro. Pixel 6 Pro’s “residual light” flaw has not been reported by Gizmodo, and the issue only occurs while a phone is off, making it unlikely to be widespread.

In addition to the flickering display, a limited number of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users have reported seeing a green tint on the display, which may be due to slight variances in the Pixel 6’s quality control or its factory screen calibration. Color calibration has been a concern since the Pixel 3, but we haven’t seen any major discrepancies amongst our Pixel 6 review devices thus far. There have only been a few complaints of a green tint, thus it appears that difficulties with the color calibration on the Pixel 6 may only impact a small number of devices, similar to the lingering light bug.

However, with Google’s aggressive price and strong demand for the Pixel 6, it will be more vital for Google to prevent as many problems or defects as possible if Google actually wants to compete with Apple and Samsung when it comes to premium phones.