Using Waze, you may find gas at a lower price along your route

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Photo: Maridav (Shutterstock) – It is possible to use Waze (or other applications) to compare per-gallon costs while driving. With Waze, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you should fill up when your tank nears empty. When you’re running short on petrol, you may utilize Waze’s crowdsourcing to find the cheapest gas station on your route.

Where is the cheapest gas station?

If you don’t already have Waze installed on your phone, do so now. There are a few possibilities for finding inexpensive gas once you’ve found yourself on the map. Using the search bar, type in the location of the station you’re looking for. Add a stop by clicking on the Gas Station icon, which brings up a list of gas stations and their costs (and you can see when the per-gallon price was last updated).

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It’s also possible to search for “gas station” in the search field if you don’t have a specific route in mind. In My Waze > Settings > Gas stations, you may also change the default search parameters (such as gas type or brand).

Because gas prices are crowdsourced, they may not always be up to date.

Alternatives to Waze for locating low-cost petrol

Other methods for finding the lowest gas stations have been discussed in the past. Using Google Maps, you may search for gas stations or browse a map region to view pins of nearby stations, along with the current price per gallon, if applicable. You may refine your search even more by only include stations that are currently open. There is no need to download an additional app because many of us already use Google Maps on our smartphones. However, the app does not display pricing for gas stations, so Apple Maps users are out of luck in this regard.)

When it comes to finding nearby gas stations and the most current pricing, GasBuddy is a good option. Search by company or use the app to plan your journey’s most fuel-efficient route. Paying with the app may even be possible at some stations.