Ikea Created Sound-Absorbing Curtains in an effort to provide peace to a noisy living situation

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Image: Ikea

techno.rentetan.com – They’re an alternative to noise-cancelling headphones because they’re cheaper. Putting up a picket fence to ensure harmony between two roommates in a small flat isn’t an option because of the space constraints. When it comes to smart home accessories, you can now get sound-absorbing drapes from Ikea, which has been putting a lot of focus on this area recently.

A $189 side table air purifier can help you deal with a roommate’s decision to prepare fish last night or minimize the air pollution you’re taking in, given the current state of the planet. Isn’t noise pollution also a concern? Nobody wants to wear noise-canceling headphones for the rest of their lives because their roommate is so noisy when eating Doritos that it sounds like a cow chewing its cud. Just a curtain rod away, there is a better answer.

A particular weave in the chenille yarn used in Ikea’s Gunnlaug curtains, according to Ikea, “has 50-100 percent more absorption of medium and high sound frequencies than conventional textiles of equal quality and weight.” An official standard used to assess and verify sound absorption qualities of “materials used as wall or ceiling coverings” is ISO 354 certification, which Gunnlaug drapes boast.

To achieve the most sound absorption, Ikea suggests hanging the curtains three to five inches away from a wall. Despite Ikea’s claims, they won’t entirely silence a snoring roommate, but they promise to lessen echos and reverberation at higher frequencies, such when a loud roommate is clattering cutlery and dishes in the kitchen at 3 am. To cover a full flat with Gunnlaug curtains costs $50 for a 5-foot-wide portion, so it’s more expensive than living alone, but it’s still less expensive than that.