Pinging a Lost iPhone Is Easy When You Know How

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Photo: Jakkrit Kongsudee (Shutterstock – Three simple methods exist to help you locate your iPhone if you ever misplace it. It’s a terrible feeling to lose your beloved iPhone. Your mind immediately races with the question, “Did I forget it at the restaurant?” The question is, “Did someone take it?” How will I manage without Twitter?” Do not be alarmed! Simply close your eyes, breathe deeply, and ping it.

What exactly does it imply when you “ping” your iPhone or iPad?

How familiar you are with iPhones and Apple devices will determine whether or not you have heard of “pinging.” In other words, it’s not the unsuccessful attempt by Apple to transform iTunes into a social networking hub (and yes, that really happened). We’re talking about turning on a high-pitched tone on your iPhone no matter where you are.

Using pinging, I’m sure many iPhone owners have been reunited with their $1000 lifeline to the rest of the world. A great way to discover iPhones that have been misplaced under seats or on the movie theater floor as well as behind couches and carseats (just wait until after the movie to ping your phone).

It doesn’t matter if the phone is on quiet or not when you use ping to look for a lost iPhone in your nearby vicinity. If you have your sound turned all the way up while calling the iPhone, it will function well, but if your ringtone isn’t playing, your phone calls will be in vain.

It’s also a problem since in an emergency, we may not have a second phone to contact home. You can’t call your phone without your phone unless you’re with a buddy or have the audacity to ask a stranger to use it. As a result, pinging will have to do.

In the ecosystem, Apple has made it simple for people to ping their iPhones. To be more precise, it provides three distinct ways to go about achieving this: If your iPhone disappears again, you’ll know which one to use.

Send a Find My iPhone ping

Because it records the position of many of your Apple goods, including your iPhone, the Find My app isn’t simply useful for pinging iPhones. Find My could be able to tell you where the phone is without pinging it at all after you’ve jumped into Find My. If you know your iPhone is somewhere in your house but aren’t sure where, pinging might help.

To use Find My on another Apple device, sign in with the same Apple ID you used on the first device. Otherwise, you may use to log in and search for your iPhone. Either way, press “Play Sound” to send a ping to your iPhone from the list. Your iPhone will first only vibrate. However, a high-pitched sound will begin to play after a few seconds. Unless your iPhone is discovered or you stop the sound using Find My, this sound will remain playing until you stop it.

Send a notification to an iPhone using your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can ping your iPhone if you have one. Since tapping a button on your wrist is significantly faster than reaching for Find My, I strongly advise using your Apple Watch as your primary means of locating your phone.

You can ping your iPhone from the Control Center on your Apple Watch. Simply scroll up from the bottom of your watch face and hit the button with an iPhone and sound waves to get to it.” In contrast to Find My, which continuously pings the iPhone, this will only do so for a short period of time.

It turns out that this Apple Watch button has a secret use. Instead of pressing, hold down the button and the iPhone’s LED will flash. So, even if your phone’s speaker isn’t working, you can use the flash to help you find it.


To locate a misplaced iPhone without an Apple Watch, use Siri (or anything, really). Simply ask Siri to locate the gadget you’re looking for on one of your linked Apple devices. Siri on your Mac, for example, might ask your iPhone to ping your Mac, and vice versa. There aren’t many people who know about this functionality, but it’s quite handy.