Finally, WhatsApp chats may be transferred between iPhone and Android

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Photo: Alex Photo Stock (Shutterstock) – Moving from an iPhone to an Android phone? Your WhatsApp messages will follow you over. Previously, switching from an iPhone to an Android device meant losing access to your in-app WhatsApp discussions. However, WhatsApp messages may now be transferred across Galaxy and Pixel phones regardless of the operating system on which they were originally purchased. There is no reason why your WhatsApp communications should be lost when you make the move from iPhone to Android or vice versa.

While Pixels and Galaxy phones are the only ones supported at the moment, this won’t be the case for long. Since Google made the capability available to smartphone developers with the release of Android 12, more devices should be compatible. Until then, users may use unauthorized methods to transport your WhatsApp chats between devices.

The best way to move WhatsApp messages from an iPhone to an Android device

First, you’ll need a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter cord. Verify that both your operating system and WhatsApp are up to date, and then connect the two devices using the USB cord that came with your phone. You’ll be prompted about uploading WhatsApp conversations using a QR code as part of the setup procedure.Scan the QR code with your iPhone and your devices will handle the rest. You’ll be able to use your old Android phone to access all of your chats and material on your new Android device.

Try opening WhatsApp on your iPhone after they’ve been connected. Navigate to the app’s settings, select “Chats,” and then select “Move Chats to Android.” Your phones will take care of the rest, just like they did with the previous procedure.

How to move WhatsApp messages across Android and iOS devices?

What about transferring WhatsApp conversations from Android to iOS? There’s a technique to do that, but how about the other way around? For the time being, WhatsApp claims the transfer procedure would be made available to all users. Unofficial techniques, on the other hand, may be used to transfer your conversations between devices. To begin, save the Dr.Fone utility to your computer’s hard drive and run it. Recover deleted chats and move data across devices using this free program from a third party. Connect your iPhone and Android phones to your computer after they have been downloaded and installed.

Click “Restore social app” in Dr.Fone. After clicking “WhatsApp” and then “Transfer WhatsApp messages,” you’ll see both of your phones on the app’s interface. A progress bar appears when you click on “Transfer,” letting you know how much progress has been made. Click “OK” to end the transfer procedure and remove your phones from your computer. You should now be able to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your iPhone.

Methods for synchronizing WhatsApp conversations between devices

Even if you wish to use both phones simultaneously, there is a solution for you. You may use WhatsApp’s web app to keep your phone and PC in sync. Because this is a workaround and not an official solution, don’t expect it to operate flawlessly the first time you use it. If you’re using an iPhone without WhatsApp installed, use the WhatsApp web client in Safari. As soon as you click on “Aa,” you’ll see a QR code appear on the screen.

Open the WhatsApp settings on your Android phone and select “Linked Devices.” Join the beta program by selecting “Multi-Device Beta” and tapping “Join Beta.” Return to the Devices page and select “Link a Device” to complete the process. This will bring up a QR scanner on your second phone, which you may use to scan the code. After then, WhatsApp will work on both phones at the same time. Because you’re utilizing the web client’s desktop version on a single phone, your experience may be less than ideal, but it will still be usable.