How to Use macOS Monterey to Quickly Translate Text

by - – Even if you’re offline, your Mac can now pick and translate text on the fly. One of the most useful new features in macOS 12 Monterey is the ability to translate any chosen text on your Mac without having to rely on Google. While translation was previously available through Safari, it was limited in scope since it only translated complete web pages; content within other applications was not as easily translated. Now that the functionality has been integrated across the board, we’ll teach you how to utilize it.

To use Mac’s system-wide translation function, you’ll need the following items.

With macOS Monterey, Apple added the system-wide translation function, so you’ll need to update your Mac to the most recent version of macOS first. Aside from this update, the app in question must add support for this functionality, which may take some time for applications that aren’t updated as regularly.

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Many third-party apps, as well as Apple’s own apps, already support this capability. For the most part, the option should function without a hitch for most individuals. You may always transfer the text to Apple’s Notes app and translate it from there if an app doesn’t allow rapid translation currently.

How to use your Mac to quickly translate text

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

To serve up your translations, your Mac will connect to Apple’s servers by default. You can use offline translations if you’re offline or concerned about your privacy. This will diminish translation accuracy slightly, but it’s still better than nothing.

Go to System Preferences > Language & Region > Translation Languages towards the bottom of the window to switch to offline translations. This page will show you all of the languages that can be translated; click the Download button next to the languages that you want to utilize offline. (If you want your Mac to translate text from English to Spanish, you’ll need to download both languages.)

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

After you’ve downloaded all of the languages you’ll need, click Done and activate On-Device Mode at the bottom of the same window. All of your translations will be processed offline from now on, with no data being sent to Apple’s servers.