While playing PS5 games, you may now listen to Apple Music

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techno.rentetan.com – Apple’s quest to provide services to non-Apple platforms continues. Subscribers to Apple Music who also possess a PlayStation 5 may now stream to their hearts’ content as the game system secretly included a new Apple Music integration this week.

The new connectivity, which was first observed by one observant Reddit user, allows users to link their consoles to their Apple Music accounts in the same manner that they can link their Spotify accounts. PS5 owners may utilize their Apple Music collection to play ambient tracks through the console on their own or in the background while gaming after they’re linked.

The PS5 is the first game system to accept Apple Music, which is a smart decision given that Sony and Microsoft teamed with Apple last year to make the Apple TV app compatible with their consoles. (Earlier this year, Sony expanded their collaboration by giving PS5 users six months of free Apple TV+ subscription.) The integrations are an elegant solution for anyone who enjoys gaming while also looking to simplify their elaborate home theater setups. They prevent you from overcrowding your living room with dedicated streaming boxes and other hardware.

Here’s how to link your Apple Music account to your PS5 if you’re interested: Select All Apps from your media home. Select Apple Music > Download from the drop-down menu. Download and install the Apple Music app. You can either sign in with an existing account or create a new one by clicking Sign Up. To link your accounts, follow the steps.