How to Hide the MacBook Pro’s Notch

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Screenshot: Apple – You don’t have to put up with the notch on the MacBook Pro if you don’t want to. Apple finally listened to its customers this year, adding “pro” features like an SD card reader, HDMI connector, and MagSafe charging to the MacBook Pro series. The notch, the visible camera cutout that juts into your display, was a feature that no one asked for. If the unique laptop design bothers you, you’ll be relieved to find that it can be hidden.

Why did Apple give the MacBook Pro a notch?

The notch isn’t just there to annoy you; Apple designed it with a specific goal in mind: pushing the display as far as possible towards the corners of their 2021 MacBook Pros. Apple chose to wrap the screen around the cameras with an iPhone-like notch to do this while keeping the same camera configuration.

While this may have led some to believe the MacBook Pros had Face ID (which they don’t), it does free up a significant amount of screen space. You can see what I’m talking about by comparing a new MacBook Pro to a previous model. Despite Apple’s prior attempts to reduce bezels, the top bezel has always remained noticeable.

You may be aware of some laptops that have small bezels without requiring the camera to cut into the display. However, because to the restricted area that a camera may take up, these gadgets frequently have to sacrifice image quality in order to do so. Other options exist, such as concealed cameras in the keyboard, but such angles aren’t ideal for video chats.

Apple offers a method for dealing around the notch that is official. The cutout is visible during regular use; however, when you run an app in full-screen mode, the menu bar vanishes. Apple replaces it with a black strip that also serves to cover the notch.

When you’re in full screen mode, it works well, but what about when you’re not? I don’t use full screen on my Mac very much, so I’d be out of alternatives if I wanted to limit my time with the notch.

Using a third-party program, hide the MacBook Pro’s notch.

Third-party developers can help with this. These men are heroes, providing programs and tools to remedy issues with Macs that Apple refuses to address. Take, for example, MakeTheWeb, which built the app. The free program only darkens your menu bar. That is all there is to it. All of your menu bar options are still available; it’s only that the bar is now black, and that’s all it takes to merge the notch into the backdrop. You still receive the increased screen real estate benefits, but without the distracting form of the camera cutout.

On the website, you can see how this works in action. The on-screen toggle may be used to mimic turning TopNotch on and off. The huge cutout on the MacBook Pro is visible without TopNotch. When you start the app, though, it vanishes behind the dark menu bar.

That’s the new MacBook Pro, notch hidden away. 
Screenshot: MakeTheApp

However, this program isn’t your only choice for getting rid of the notch. For a minimum of $0.99, developer Tanmay created a comparable option called NotchCam. The difference is that the program does more than simply hide the notch in this case. It welcomes it since the cutout’s main function is to provide rapid camera access by clicking on it. It’s just one example of a MacBook Pro feature that allows you to hide the notch even if it’s not the primary focus.

As MacBook Pros are shipped out to consumers, I expect a lot of these sorts of apps to appear. After all, aside from appreciating the technology and capabilities of these new computers, the largest talk revolves about the notches, even if many (if not the majority) of those who purchase these new MacBook Pros will quickly forget about them. To accomplish the same looks as these applications, I wouldn’t be shocked to see bespoke Apple wallpapers with a black border at the top.