Secret Codes on Your iPhone

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Photo: DenPhotos (Shutterstock) – These secret number codes can be used to alter or verify your iPhone’s settings. On my gadgets, I adore hidden features. It’s exciting to learn something new about the technology you use on a daily basis, to uncover hidden functions that aren’t marketed. Dialer codes are likely among those hidden features for you as well, unless you spend a lot of time fiddling about in the Phone app.

Dialer codes are codes that you enter into your iPhone’s phone app, as the name suggests. These codes can be used to do a variety of tasks, including the following: When contacting other numbers, one lets you to erase your caller ID, while another can display you how strong your current mobile signal is. They have the ability to alter settings and reveal info that you were previously unaware of.

To be honest, these codes may be a pain to crack. Many are carrier-specific, so depending on your cellular connection, they may or may not operate. On an iPhone 12 Pro Max with AT&T, I had a few difficulties with several of these codes. Still, because they’ve been tried and tested, they should function with the proper device and carrier. Here are some of the most intriguing and helpful codes we’ve found.

Use your iPhone to make anonymous calls

Making anonymous calls became obsolete with the introduction of the cellphone and its caller ID. If you don’t know how to hide your caller ID, that is. Simply dial *67 before the phone number you want to contact, and the other line will see “NO CALLER ID.” If you don’t like this choice, try #31#.

This dialer code is ideal for one-time calls if you don’t want the recipient of your call to know your phone number or ID. However, if you want to keep all of your calls private, go to Settings > Phones > Show My Caller ID.

Caller ID should be displayed

You may need to know this code if you choose to disable Show My Caller ID. Because some lines refuse calls from unknown callers, you’ll have to reveal your name to get through. You could be phoning someone you don’t want to know who you are at other times. All you have to do in any of those instances is dial *82 followed by the number you want to call.

Outgoing calls are blocked

It might be a difficult task to trust someone with your iPhone. If you’re concerned about who that person may call with your iPhone, there’s a simple dialer code you can use to prevent all outgoing calls. 331234# is an example of a four-digit PIN followed by a # (example: 331234#). The PIN prevents the block from being readily dismantled. The functionality should load and then go into action once you press the call button. By entering the same code and PIN combination, you may turn it off.

Examine the signal strength of your iPhone

Have you ever had bad mobile service yet your iPhone claimed you had full bars? We are as well. That’s where the field test may help; this secret menu provides a wealth of information about your cellular system, but the one thing we’re searching for is the strength of your connection.

Note that older iPhones have a function that newer iPhones don’t. You can’t use this advice if you have a 5G iPhone (iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 series); all iPhones can utilize the field test menu, but only LTE-only iPhones can view their cell signal strength.

To access the field test menu, enter the dialer code 3001#12345#. Tap the hamburger menu button on the right, and do your best effort to ignore the sea of information this menu presents. Scroll down to LTE and choose Serving Cell Meas from the drop-down menu. Examine the numbers adjacent to rsrp0 and rsrp1, which correspond to your primary and backup cell towers, respectively. Your connection to the tower will be better if the number is near to zero. The poorer the connection is the further away it is.

Check the IMEI number of your iPhone

The IMEI number on your iPhone is a one-of-a-kind identifier that may be used to identify your individual device. As a result, it’s frequently used to see if a phone has been reported stolen. It’s critical that you don’t give out this number to anybody who asks, but how do you know where to look for it in the first place?

One method is to use a dialer code. When you dial *#06#, you’ll see a Device Info page display before you can even press the call button. The second number displayed will be your IMEI, along with a variety of additional digits depending on the model of iPhone you have.

Check your carrier’s information

Do you want to see how many minutes remain on your plan? *646# is a good place to start. Dial *225# to find out your current balance with your carrier. On AT&T, I can check how much data I have left on my current month’s plan by dialing 3282# (DATA#).

Activate call waiting

While you may enable call waiting by going to Settings > Phone > Call Waiting, you can alternatively do it fast by entering a code. To activate it, simply enter *43#. Incoming calls go straight to voicemail if you’re on another call if this setting isn’t enabled; if it isn’t, incoming calls go to voicemail.