How Much Does Apple Want You to Pay for a Polishing Cloth?

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Screenshot: Apple – Apple has several pricey accessories, but $19 for a towel is ridiculous. Apple products are not cheap. Accessories for those devices are likewise costly. We know this, yet the firm constantly seems to find new methods to make us go: Wait, how much do you want us to pay now?

The most recent addition is a polishing cloth. Yes, you may buy a polishing cloth separately from a gadget. You know, one of those “soft, nonabrasive” glass and screen cleaning products. Apple claims that it safely and effectively cleans “any Apple display, including nano-texture glass.” The product page then goes on to list every Apple gadget under the sun under the compatibility section. It will set you back $19.

To be fair, I’ve never touched one of these unique polishing cloths in my hands. My editor, Caitlin McGarry, has, and she says it’s “fine.” It seems to be a microfiber cloth with an Apple logo imprinted on it at first glance. I’m agog and aghast at the same time. The Amazon Basics microfiber cleaning cloths come in a 24-pack for $14. Glass-specific microfiber towels are also available in 6-packs for $6-9.

This is allegedly due to the nano-texture glass’s extreme fragility, which can be broken by other cleaning cloths. Mmhmm. The cleaning cloth is also included with these screens, which are quite costly. You used to have to contact Apple support to acquire a replacement if you misplaced the sacred Polishing Cloth. It now looks that you can just purchase a replacement online for… $19.

Given that a Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass costs $5,999, you probably don’t want to chance ruining it with just any old fabric. To which I would respond, simply skip the nano-texture glass and save $1,000.

But, if you’re feeling kind, you may buy the $19 cloth for them. (Though feel free to tell us how it feels to live on the wild side if you paid six grand for that nano-texture glass and used a standard microfiber towel.) But stop it on every other Apple gadget you can think of. Simply said, quit. I’ve used the complimentary microfiber cloth that comes with every pair of glasses I buy to clean my MacBook Pros, iPads, Apple Watches, and iPhones. It works just good, I promise you.