With this app, you can take iPhone 13-style macro shots on older phones

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Image: Halide

techno.rentetan.com – Without upgrading to the iPhone 13 Pro, Halide allows you to shoot crisp, super-close-up photographs. iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max users can now capture amazing, super-close-up photographs without having to connect anything to their phone thanks to their new Ultra-Wide camera sensor. Your camera will automatically convert to a reduced version of the Ultra Wide view when you approach near enough to a subject, resulting in surprisingly good macro pictures.

Unfortunately, this function is not available on non-Pro iPhone 13s, and previous devices are not supported. But don’t worry: there’s an app for that. Halide, a premium third-party software, has worked out how to emulate the macro pictures capability on earlier iPhones, dating back to the iPhone 8.

What is Halide’s macro mode and how does it work?

Some of our favorite macro mode photos clicked using Halide on an iPhone 13.
Photo: Khamosh Pathak

Halide is a well-known third-party iPhone photography app. Its user-friendly interface is appropriate for both beginner and experienced photographers. However, after a two-week free trial, the app will cost you $2.99 a month or $11.99 per year. You may purchase a license outright for $49.99 if you enjoy what it does and don’t want to pay a monthly charge. Considering that it would take four years of use to recoup the whole cost, purchasing it is unlikely—but the yearly plan, which costs approximately $1 per month, is well worth the money if macro photography is essential to you.

According to the creators of Halide, the macro mode works like this:

“Halide appearance through your accessible cameras and selects the one with the littlest minimum focus distance. the main focus is then latched on the closest spot. you’ll alter focus by soundanyplace on the screen; not like our regular camera mode, we’ve set the main focus mechanism to solelysearch forthings that area unitextraordinarilynear to you.”

Halide’s Macro mode is exclusive. salt uses the iPhone’s Neural Engine to mechanically improve the resolution of a photographonceit’s been taken. Even with the zoomed-in, cropped read, you will get a 3024 x 4032 image.

Over the last several days, we’ve caught some very beautiful macro shots—with the proviso that photos appear best when recorded with a lot of light (preferably natural light).

How to take amazing macro pictures with an older iPhone

In the Halide app, the macro mode is buried below the autofocus menu. Open the Halide app and touch the “AF” button in the bottom-left corner to get there. Then, to convert to Macro mode, select the Flower icon. Allow Halide to do its job: it will switch between the suitable cameras on your smartphone automatically. Toggling between 1X, 2X, and 3X zoom settings, press the 2X button.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

You may still move the focal point by pressing on the screen while Halide locks the focus on the subject. You may also fine-tune the focus by using the focus slider at the bottom. When you’re satisfied, press the Shutter button. Halide will process the photo for a few seconds before saving it to your Photos app.

You should be satisfied with the outcomes if you keep in mind that an app will never be able to match the capabilities of a new $1,100 iPhone’s camera hardware.