On Your iPhone, How to Take More Vibrant Photos

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Image: Apple

techno.rentetan.com – You’re not alone in believing that photographs taken with a Samsung or Pixel appear better. Photos taken with the iPhone appear to be extremely natural. It doesn’t conduct a lot of color correcting, doesn’t saturate colors, and doesn’t automatically boost contrast to make a picture pop. To put it another way, the iPhone camera is a little basic by default.

Don’t get me wrong: the iPhone camera is capable of catching what’s in front of you—in fact, it excels at it. However, when compared to a similar image taken with a Samsung or Pixel phone, the resulting photos may appear a bit lackluster; those devices tend to generate photos that are rich in color and contrast by default. This has less to do with their cameras and more to do with how the phones process the photographs, yet some people prefer the less realistic but more visually arresting look to the more “natural” iPhone shots.

On the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, you can really adjust how the camera captures photos—and no, we’re not talking about filters. These modifications are baked into the photos itself since they are encoded into the iPhone’s image processing (unlike adding a filter, you can’t undo these changes afterwards). Here’s how to use Apple’s new Photographic Styles tool to make your photos look more Pixel or Samsung.

Use the Photographic Styles on the iPhone 13 to create images that seem like they were taken with a Pixel or Samsung.

On all iPhone 13 models, Photographic Styles is included into the Camera app. Tap the Arrow button at the top of the Camera app to display the toolbar above the shutter button. Select Photographic Styles from the drop-down menu (tripled squares). This symbol may also be seen in the camera app’s top-right corner.

You may now choose between the five distinct modes—Standard, Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Cool—by swiping left or right. The difference between them may be seen in the screenshot below:

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

There are no effects in “Standard.” “Rich Contrast” produces images that are remarkably similar to those shot with a Pixel. Choose “Vibrant” setting if you prefer Samsung-style pictures. Vibrant raises the tone while Rich Contrast lowers it. The “Tone” and “Warmth” parameters can both be changed. To modify, tap one of the options and slide left or right.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Exit this menu after you’re pleased with the look (the preview will refresh in real time, so you’ll know what you’re getting before you take a photo). The setting will be stored, and all future photographs will be taken in that manner.

You’ll have to repeat the process if you wish to go back to a previous style or pick a different one: Open the Camera app, touch the Photographic Styles button (three squares), then return to “Standard” option or select another.