We Swear, Twitch, That Massive Hack Wasn’t That Bad

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Photo: Lionel Bonaventure (Getty Images)

techno.rentetan.com – User passwords and bank details were not among the 125GB of internal corporate data leaked. Twitch downplayed the seriousness of this month’s major security breach, telling customers that “the consumer effect is low” after a 125GB cache of its internal data was released online, according to a Friday update.

According to a corporate blog post, the leaked data primarily consisted of documents from Twitch’s source code repository and compensation numbers for streamers on the site. Twitch passwords were not included in the breach, and the company stated it is “certain” that its systems that hold user login credentials, credit card numbers, and bank information were not hacked.

Twitch said, “We’ve gone through a comprehensive assessment of the information included in the files leaked and are sure that it only affected a small proportion of users and that the consumer effect is limited.” “We’re reaching out to people who have been directly touched.”

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The company’s internal probe into the October 6 breach is still continuing. Twitch has tracked the problem down to a bug in a server configuration change, which allowed an anonymous hacker to get access to the data, steal it, and dump it in bulk as a torrent on 4chan. The perpetrator says the large leak was done to “promote greater disruption and competition in the online video streaming market.” To make matters worse, they labeled Twitch a “disgusting poisonous swamp” that had been “totally pwnd” by the security issue.

The stolen information, which included internal corporate paperwork and red teaming tools, sparked outrage in the streaming community over how much money some of the platform’s top performers make. According to statistics, Critical Role, a role-playing, tabletop game program, earned nearly $10 million from Twitch over the last two years, making it the platform’s highest-paid channel.

From subscriptions and other Twitch features, other popular streamers like Félix “xQc” Lengyel and Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker have generated millions of dollars. Fans were outraged when they discovered that many of their favorite broadcasters are billionaires.

Twitch has patched the flaw with configuration changes and taken efforts to strengthen its security mechanisms in the weeks following. The firm stated on Friday that “we take our duty to secure your data extremely seriously.” “We have taken efforts to protect our service even further, and we apologize to our customers.”