Finally, you can stop switching Twitter’s light to dark mode on your own

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Photo: sdx15 (Shutterstock) – To match your phone’s theme, you may instruct Twitter to change from light to dark mode. Dark mode may be the sole option for certain users. Others prefer it as a nighttime soundtrack. In any case, you’ll want your applications to match the theme of your phone. Take, for example, Twitter: You probably don’t want your bright white tweets to hurt your eyes if the rest of your phone is in dark mode. This is how you can make it right.

Why is it so useful to have an automated theme switch?

When many applications initially implemented dark mode, they offered this option. Because both iOS and Android offer system-wide themes these days, it makes sense to do so. With the ability to change OS themes with a single swipe, having apps that match the theme is advantageous.

This article focuses on Twitter since it hasn’t always changed themes to match your phone’s—it could match your iPhone’s theme, but not your Android’s. Those using an Android smartphone, such as a Galaxy, Pixel, OnePlus, or any Android device, have had to pick their Twitter theme manually for the past few years.

How to match your device’s theme to Twitter

This function is still being rolled out to Android users, so it’s not something you can install on your own. While it’s always a good idea to keep your app up to date, it doesn’t appear to activate the function. (For example, I’m using Android and haven’t seen this option yet.) All you have to do now is wait for Twitter to add the functionality to your account. Even so, we’ll explain you how to use it once it arrives.

This option can be found in Twitter’s theme settings—the it’s lightbulb symbol in the sidebar menu that you’re undoubtedly familiar with. If not, you may open the menu by swiping right on your Twitter feed, then tapping the lightbulb icon to reveal your theme options. “Use device settings” will appear if you have the functionality enabled. Simply select that choice, and Twitter will match your phone’s theme.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson