Bring your squeaky or stale AirPods Pro to Apple

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Photo: Yasar Turanli (Shutterstock) – Apple’s servicing program has been expanded to include older earphones that have been affected by this problem. One of Apple’s finest products is AirPods Pro. They aren’t cheap at $249 each, but neither do they feel cheap. These teeny-tiny earbuds cram a lot of punch into a little package, offering exceptional music quality and noise-cancelling abilities. There is one little drawback: when you use them, you may experience some static or crackling. You’re not alone if you do.

What exactly is the problem with the AirPods Pro?

Unfortunately, AirPods Pro have been reported to cause cracking and static. The irritating noises that have been affecting some users’ earphones have prompted Apple to openly recognize the issue. The poor experience, according to the business, is due to two major issues:

  • Crackling or static noises that get louder when you’re in a noisy setting, when you exercise, or while you’re chatting on the phone
  • Active Noise Cancellation isn’t operating as it should, resulting in a loss of bass sound or an increase in background noise, such as traffic or jet noise.

AirPods Pro produced prior to October 2020 are affected by these problems. That’s when Apple fixed the problem and began making earphones that didn’t have any static or crackling issues. So, if you experience static or crackling from your AirPods Pro before this date, your earphones are the topic of this post.

Is it possible to fix the static and crackling in your AirPods Pro on your own?

If you had problems with your AirPods Pro, you could have tried to fix them on your own initially. When my earphones start acting up, I try putting them back in their case, resetting them with my iPhone, or double-checking that their software is up to current. So, if I noticed static or crackling while wearing my AirPods Pro, I’d immediately fiddle with them.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to be a user-facing problem. Instead, bring your AirPods Pro to Apple as soon as possible. In October 2020, Apple launched a service program to repair damaged AirPods Pro, allowing consumers to restore their earphones two years after they were purchased. If you’re already aware of the program, you may believe it’s too late, as AirPods Pro purchased in 2019 are already approaching their two-year expiration date.

Fortunately, Apple has extended its warranty to cover impacted AirPods Pro units for three years after purchase. That means that if you bought your AirPods Pro in October 2019, you’re covered until October 2022, and if you bought them in October 2020, you’re covered until October 2023.

What will Apple do with your AirPods Pro if they are affected?

When you bring your AirPods Pro to Apple, they’ll examine both the left and right earphones and repair the one that’s broken (or both if the whole thing is shot). Because Apple rectified this issue in subsequent versions of the AirPods Pro, the earbud replacements you get from them shouldn’t have any static or crackling issues in the future.

(AirPods, AirPods 2, and AirPods Max are not affected.)