The date for Apple’s Big MacBook Event is October 18, 2021

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Image: Apple – Apple is expected to unveil new MacBook Pros, a powerful M1X processor, and maybe some AirPods. Hopefully you haven’t had enough of gadget season yet, since Apple has scheduled a new event for Oct. 18.

Apple handed out media invites for the “Unleashed” event this morning, and while Apple’s teaser picture doesn’t reveal much about what’s in store, rumors have been circulating for months that the company would unveil revamped MacBook Pros, an improved M1X processor, and potentially new AirPods.

The new MacBook Pros are expected to be the show-stopper. Apple is expected to unveil 14- and 16-inch Pro versions that will have the return of the MagSafe charging connector, a built-in SD card reader, a dedicated HDMI port, and the elimination of Apple’s infamous Touch Bar. According to Bloomberg, this would be the first major update to the MacBook Pro range in five years, and it would be especially significant for the MacBook Pro 16, which is one of Apple’s few surviving systems that uses an Intel CPU rather than one of the company’s own CPUs.

Those chips will be the focus of attention as well. Apple is anticipated to unveil a new M1X chip with a 10-core CPU, which will outperform the conventional M1 processor seen in last year’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. This is important since Apple’s bigger MacBook Pros are aimed at creative professionals, and the extra performance would be necessary to offer the type of power that individuals in those areas want.

There’s also a potential that a revamped and more powerful Mac Mini with the M1X processor and several extra USB ports may be released, providing a better middle ground between the standard Mac Mini and the super-expensive Mac Pro desktop. Apple is expected to unveil third-generation AirPods with a shorter stem and a redesigned wireless charging case, according to rumors. It’s uncertain if Apple will follow in the footsteps of Samsung, Google, and others in introducing active noise cancelling to its most affordable earbuds—early indications point to no.

We won’t have to wait long to find out for sure, with the “Unleashed” announcements less than a week away. On October 18th, join us for all of the event’s updates.