How to Use Your Voice to Unlock Your iPhone (and Why You Shouldn’t)

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Photo: New Africa (Shutterstock) – Although it’s a fantastic party trick, can using your voice to unlock your iPhone jeopardize security? Do you want to use your voice to unlock your iPhone? As we found on TikTok, there is a method to make it happen. It’s also not necessary to converse with Siri. Confused? We’ll teach you how to use a voice command of your choice to unlock your iPhone, but we’ll also explain why this is merely a party trick.

Is using a voice command to unlock my iPhone safe?

You’ll need to utilize an Accessibility feature called Spoken Control to unlock your iPhone with a voice command. This allows you to mimic tapping the screen with a voice command. It’s a function designed for those with limited motor control or who have trouble tapping the iPhone’s touchscreen. For many individuals, it’s a vital function, but using it to unlock your iPhone isn’t always the greatest option.

There are three major cautions to following this advice. The first is that, owing to Voice Control, your iPhone’s microphone will always be listening for orders, draining your battery far faster. The second problem is that anyone who understands the voice command may unlock your iPhone, defeating the purpose of employing a password in the first place. Finally, even if you disable Face ID or Touch ID, you may need to swipe up once on your iPhone’s screen to get it to function, so it’s not entirely touch-free.

This one is fantastic for showing off a secret function at a party, but be mindful that it undermines the security of your iPhone by making it simpler to unlock. For that reason alone, most individuals should avoid using it.

How to use a voice command to unlock an iPhone

To use a voice command to unlock your iPhone, make sure you have a four- or six-character passcode. Change your passcode by navigating to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Change Passcode, which on iPhones with a home button may be called Touch ID & Passcode. Because you’ll be mimicking a series of key strokes using Voice Control, the longer your passcode is, the more difficult it will be to replicate.

You might want to disable Face ID just to be safe, because it will unlock your iPhone the instant you glance at it. If you don’t want to do that, you may have to use your fingers to obstruct the front camera in order to utilize this method.

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Next, activate Voice Control in Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control.

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Go to Customize Commands > Create New Command after that….

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Enter your chosen unlock command in the Phrase field. To avoid inadvertently unlocking your iPhone, avoid using popular phrases like Open, and remember that this phrase must be speakable, which means that false words like aosidaoisd will not work.

After you’ve decided on a phrase, go to Action and select Run Custom Gesture.

This will take you to a website where you may record the gesture by tapping the screen. Make an informed estimate as to where the passcode numbers will appear on the screen and tap them in the right order. If your passcode is 1233, for example, press the place where 1 normally appears, then tap the area where 2 usually appears, and then tap the area where 3 usually shows twice. Finally, press the Save button in the top-right corner, then tap New Command in the top-left corner, then Save in the top-right corner on the web page.

You’re all set now. Now, first lock your iPhone, then wake it up and slide upwards to see whether the passcode screen appears. The iPhone will then automatically type in your instruction as you pronounce it.

Because you’re filming the gesture on a blank screen, your best guesses may be a little off the real placement of the passcode’s digits, you may need to restart the gesture recording a few times to ensure that the proper keys are being pressed.

How to Turn Off Voice Unlock on iPhone

Finally, go back to Settings > Accessibility and disable Voice Control when you’ve had enough or want to turn it off. You may also reverse any changes you made to those settings before by going to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.