Even if it’s turned off, here’s how to locate your lost iPhone

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techno.rentetan.comApple’s new Find My feature allows you to follow selected iPhones even when iPhone is turned off. Apple’s Find My feature got even better with the iOS 15 version. This feature normally allows you to track, locate, and erase a lost Apple device, but some iPhones with iOS 15 can now be tracked even after turning it off (which is the first thing a thief has done). ). What’s the mechanism? Is it possible to turn off iPhone completely now?

How does iPhone monitoring function when you are not connected to the internet?

Apple’s low-power U1 chip will now track an iPhone’s position even after it has been turned off. Once you install iOS 15 on a compatible iPhone, this functionality is activated by default (iPhone 11 and newer, including the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro).

Apple’s Low Energy Bluetooth chip runs through a bespoke secure applet even when the iPhone is switched off. The remainder of the gadget (including the always-on CPU utilized for background activities like “Hey Siri” queries) is totally turned off.

The Ultra Wide Band U1 processor from Apple is the other half of the equation. Your iPhone, like the AirTags, will continue to broadcast cryptographically secure beacons to other Apple devices. When someone walks close to your switched-off iPhone, it will pick up the beacons and safely send the information over the Find My network.

Check out this blog post by Naehrdine and this Twitter thread by Hector Martin for a more technical explanation of what’s going on below the hood.

How to turn off your iPhone totally

Apple is following your iPhone offline in a safe manner, but you may object to the fact that it isn’t officially turned off. So, if you want to turn off your iPhone altogether, you have two options. To begin, hit the little “iPhone Findable After Power Off” button when you attempt to power off the iPhone. You may pick the “Temporarily Switch Off Finding” option to turn off the iPhone for this one time only.

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If you want a more long-term solution, you’ll need to turn off the Find My Network feature, which isn’t recommended for obvious reasons. To do so, go to Apple ID > iCloud > Find My > Find My iPhone in the “Settings” app and off the “Find My Network” function.