Are There ‘Squid Game’ Video Games? The Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide To child Culture: area unit There ‘Squid Game’ Video Games?

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Screenshot: Vadact/YouTube – Generation DIY is developing their own ‘Squid Game’ video game. You have to admire young gamers who, rather than waiting for a Squid Game video game to exist, decide to create one themselves.

Is there a video game about a squid?

Despite the fact that there is no official Squid Game, every player wishes to play it. Join the community of modders. Squid Game rip-offs have surfaced on every major moddable platform, thanks to these brilliant amateur game creators. Roblox, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing all have versions of the game.

I haven’t tried any yet, but based on the videos, each one appears to have something to offer. The Grand Theft Auto series contains plenty of blood and gore. The notion of allowing users to serve as Managers in Minecraft appeals to me. Animal Crossing is lovely in general.

I don’t think the official games will be as popular as these fan-made knockoffs when they come out, which is inevitable.

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The phony “Slap a Teacher” challenge grows in popularity

I told you last week about the “Slap a Teacher challenge,” a rumored viral fad in which students record themselves hitting instructors. The movement is gaining traction this week.

Adults get frantic at the dread of kids slapping their instructors, not the trend of students assaulting teachers. In Connecticut, the Attorney General wants to speak with TikTok’s boss, and instructors continue to upload vaguely menacing videos inciting students to slap them.

A few outlets are pointing out the obvious: that the whole thing is a hoax, but the larger voices who don’t fact-check are drowning them out. Seriously, you’re all making yourself seem stupid.

Problems with Squid Game’s phone

Squid Game, Netflix’s hit sitcom that everyone is watching, is undergoing some emergency editing. It’s the phone numbers, not the substance. Because the show didn’t utilize the bogus 555 numbers, viewers are phoning real folks who happen to share phone numbers with this show.

This South Korean lady claims to have received hundreds of phone calls and text messages from Squid Game enthusiasts, while this man claims to receive over 4,000 messages each day, many of which are from children who want to participate in the game. Netflix has declared that they will remove the numbers, which strikes me as a missed opportunity. They could have a genuine Squid Game, which would be much more popular.

Who is Couch Guy this week on TikTok?

@laurenzarras, a TikTok member, had no clue the video would turn into a full event when she surprised her boyfriend Robbie at his college. Robbie was sitting on the couch with two other girls when Lauren stepped in. That was pretty much all, but TikTok commentators smelt a rat and went full Sherlock Holmes on the video, noticing a sneaky phone pass and studying everyone’s faces for signs of adultery. Lauren claims there was no wrongdoing, but that hasn’t stopped a slew of memes and spoof movies from circulating on TikTok, all asking the same question: “Is couch man innocent?” “Is Lauren being duped?” says the narrator. “And why should anyone care?”

iPhone 13 A Repair Nightmare – Teardown and Repair Assessment is the viral video of the week

The popular video this week takes a glimpse inside the new iPhone. While the dismantling of a couple of iPhone 13s to examine their internals is fascinating in and of itself, the video’s true aim is to illustrate Apple’s sneaky tactics to keep consumers from fixing damaged phones.