How to Make Firefox’s New Address Bar Stop Showing You Ads

by - – By default, a new Firefox version will display advertisements in your address bar. “There are no dodgy privacy rules or commercial back doors.” “All you need is a lightning-quick browser that won’t sell you out.” When you go to download Firefox for the first time, you’ll encounter this quote from Mozilla. Mozilla promotes itself as the best option for safeguarding oneself when browsing the internet, but a new update shows that the firm may be reneging on this promise, at least in part.

Here’s the thing: no one loves advertisements. They may be invasive, irrelevant, or overly relevant, and in the wrong situation, they can even feel slimy. Ads, on the other hand, are what allow so much of the internet to remain free. You did not have to pay to read this post; the advertisements you see are what allowed you to do so. Because pop-ups keep the creators afloat, you can play thousands of games for free on your phone. It’s just the way the internet works.

To some extent, most of us can deal with it. It’s not cool when advertisements are delivered in a deceptive or rude manner. Users of Samsung phones were compelled to see advertising until recently while using the built-in weather app; in contrast, Waze displays you ads for surrounding destinations whenever you stop at a red light. I don’t want to stop at every stop sign and take a 10-minute detour to Wendy’s.

In Firefox’s address bar, advertisements are now shown

This takes us full round to Mozilla. Firefox is all about not trying to sell itself in order to get ad visibility. Firefox is proud of the fact that it blocks cookies by default, prevents social trackers from tracking your activities, and blocks more components in general than other browsers. Despite this, you can change from a regular, private address bar experience to one that offers you advertisements as you write with only one update.

This new “feature” appears to be included in Firefox version 92. You won’t see it on your browser if you don’t update (I didn’t notice it when I initially opened Firefox today), but that’s not a long-term solution. You should be able to upgrade your browser without worrying about these adverts if you want to take advantage of new features and bug fixes.

How to Turn Off Ads in Firefox’s Address Bar

Fortunately, if you know where to look, turning off these advertisements is simple. Click the “Privacy & Security” option after opening Firefox’s settings. Scroll down to Firefox Suggest — Address Bar. A new option, “Contextual suggestions,” appears at the bottom of the list, with a new sub-option, “Include occasional sponsored suggestions.” This option is in charge of displaying advertisements as you write in the address bar.

You may simply deactivate “Include occasional sponsored suggestions” to prevent the advertisements from showing. You should never see adverts in the address bar if you disable that setting. If you don’t want Firefox to recommend websites and searches for you, you may also uncheck the parent option “Contextual suggestions.”