How to Complete Every Game in ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix

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Screenshot: Netflix / YouTube – Follow these Squid Game strategies if you want to win $40 million and avoid dying. If you’re trapped in an intricate game of life-or-death children’s games by a dark conspiracy, these strategies might help you win $40 million and avoid being shot in the head. Here are some pointers on how to win every game in the Netflix original Squid Game.

This article contains spoilers if you haven’t seen Squid Game.

Tips on how to win the Squid Game in general

Don’t be alarmed

Many Squid Game players die as a result of panicking as the shooting begins, so don’t panic! Take deep, even breaths, visualize a calm scene in your mind, intentionally relax your body, and attempt to focus on something other than the possibility of your death. If you keep your cool, you could be the only one who notices that all the future games are painted on your dorm’s walls.

Develop a relationship of trust with other players

It will be simpler to betray other players later if you can gain their trust early in the game, so don’t be afraid to give suggestions and advise. Having stated that, I would not join a real alliance. Because there is only one Squid Game in which you may play with others, attachments to others are more likely to harm you than to assist you.

Take part in the meta-game

The Managers are humans, too, and they are not beyond corruption, despite their weapons and frightening jumpsuits. They can’t directly assist you with anything, but they can inform you what game is coming up next, which is a major benefit. If you’re a surgeon who can help them sell organs to the Chinese, you’re in luck; if not, try bribing a guard with half your gains if you live. I mean, it can’t harm, can it?

When it comes to Red Light, Green Light, there are a few tricks that might help you win

Because the competitors panicked, the first of the Squid Game games had a high death toll. When the guns started firing, the majority of the players bolted, guaranteeing their own death. However, it’s a rather simple victory. There’s still plenty of time to get to the finish line, so take it slow and leisurely.

If you take a moment to gather information, you’ll see that the frightening robot always says the same thing before a red light. This should give you plenty of time to prepare for your freeze.

When it’s time to stop moving, take a comfortable, stable, wide stance on both feet with your knees slightly bent. To remain motionless, shift your weight from foot to foot. Slowly inhale and exhale without tensing up.

When it’s time to get moving again, walk/run slowly ahead, keeping an eye on the ground for fallen bodies or blood spots that might trip you up, and listen for the phrase. Try to maintain some separation from the other players so that no one can catch you.

Using other players as human shields is not a good idea. It’s unnecessary, as it puts you in close proximity to another player who may trip you up if they fall in front of you. (In any case, I doubt a human body can entirely shield you from flying gunshots.)

Honeycomb: How to Win

A needle is used to chisel a basic form out of a fragile sugar wafer in this Korean game. It’s difficult, according to all reports, especially when the penalty for an incorrect crack is a gunshot to the head.

The form you pick will obviously be easier to construct if it has fewer angles. Regrettably, you were unaware (unless you bribed a guard.)

If everything else fails, Seong Gi-approach Hun’s of sucking the cookie until the saliva dissolves it sufficiently to separate the form is sound. The villain’s method of using a stolen lighter to heat the needle is also questionable.

When it comes to tug of war, there are several strategies that might help you win

Everything you thought you knew about tug-of-war is completely incorrect. Forget about Contestant 1’s suggestions and what you learned in gym class. And never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER

The regulations of the Tug of War International Federation govern how we play tug of war, however these restrictions prohibit some of the most effective tactics for pulling a rope, which do not apply in Squid Game.

Lift the rope to your shoulders and turn 180 degrees to begin. You may lean forward with your backs to your opponents and get a lot more leverage and strength. It’s difficult to define, but watching this video of an Indian Vadam Vali squad in action, it’s clear why this method, combined with cooperation and synchronization, will win any tug-of-war competition.

The Marble Game: How to Win

The game’s basic rules—you have 10 minutes to collect all of your opponent’s marbles without committing violence—make it a game of deception and manipulation.

You might be able to score the easiest win in Squid Game history if you choose an easily deceived partner, such as an elderly guy with dementia or a good-hearted immigrant who trusts you.

Begin by stating something like, “Let’s count each other’s marbles to make this fair.” Don’t give up your bag when they pass it over; instead, tell The Managers that you’ve won.

Suggesting a “fair” game of odd and evens, then utilizing simple sleight-of-hand methods to manipulate how many marbles you have in your palm, is a more sophisticated manner of screwing your opponent. Given the pressures of the scenario, you should be able to pull off some deception at key points, and you’ll probably only have to fake it once or twice to win.

Thanks to this YouTube video for suggesting that you persuade your opponent to play a variation of NIM where you can’t lose if you go first.

What is the best way to win at Glass Bridge?

There are 18 pairs of panels to walk through in this competition, half of which are lethal and half of which are not. It all comes down to where you are in the lineup when it comes to winning. According to the rule of averages, once 9 individuals have attempted to cross, the path will be clear, but the first person to attempt it has a 1 in 262,144 chance of safely crossing. If it describes you, I advise you to avoid crossing the bridge at all costs.

Run to the corner and threaten to let the timer run out, causing everyone to perish until you move to the back of the queue. This is unlikely to succeed, although it has a probability of more than 1 in 262,144.

The only alternative method that makes sense in this situation is the one used in the series, in which a glass manufacturer can distinguish between tempered and non-tempered glass. If you succeed, the most essential thing to remember is not to tell anybody, lest The Managers turn out the lights and kill you.

Some people have proposed chucking everyone’s shoes against the glass before stepping, but I don’t think The Managers would allow it. After all, those wealthy jerks spent a lot of money to watch you die.

What is the best way to win at Squid Game?

Among the 1970s and 1980s, the titular game was reportedly quite popular in Korean schoolyards. It has some intricate restrictions, but they are unlikely to have a factor. There are only two participants remaining at this point, and each is equipped with a steak knife, so it’ll most likely be a knife battle to the death.

There are several martial arts that include weapon training, but I’d recommend learning the knife fighting tactics outlined in the US Marine Corps close-quarters combat manual—they’re nasty, efficient, and paid for with your tax money.

In a nutshell, wrap your unarmed hand in your tuxedo jacket to make cutting you more difficult, then block and parry with that hand while slicing and stabbing with the other. Keep in mind that you’ll be using a steak knife rather than a combat knife, so your weapon will be a little more delicate. To keep your knife from breaking or bending, avoid striking bone areas such as the head or chest.

What is the best way to win the championship game?

Always vote “no” if you’re forced to choose whether or not to aid a homeless person who is on the point of dying from exposure.