Android Apps on Windows 11: How to Install and Run Them

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Photo: sdx15 (Shutterstock) – Support for Android applications in Windows 11 will come at some point, but there’s no reason to wait. If you’ve installed Windows 11—the most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system for PCs—you might be wondering how to run Android applications on your computer. Although Microsoft promised that you’d be able to do so through the Amazon Appstore for Android, the capability has yet to be implemented. You may still download and run Android applications and games on your Windows PC until Microsoft adds this functionality in a future release.

(Plus, the Amazon Appstore for Android doesn’t contain all of the apps that Google Play has, so there’s that.) As a result, even if you wait for the update, some of your favorite applications may not be available.)

We’ll utilize Android emulators instead of Amazon’s Appstore. Here are some of the finest emulators we discovered, with the proviso that because Windows 11 is new, all of these emulators will have issues. Software upgrades, on the other hand, should provide increased stability over time.


Bluestacks has been around for a long time and has significantly improved over time. This emulator allows you to download and install apps from Google Play, which is a huge benefit, and many of its finest features are geared toward gaming. If you want to play your favorite Android games with a keyboard and mouse, Bluestacks is a fantastic option since it allows you to build macros and scripts that map your favorite activities to keyboard shortcuts, saving you time when gaming.

It also allows you to easily modify your device profile to run apps that are only available on specific devices. Some games, such as PUBG Mobile, are better run in the developer’s own emulators, however Bluestacks works well with most other applications and games.


GameLoop is owned by Tencent, the Chinese computer behemoth, and its concentration is on game play, as its name indicates. Because Tencent produced PUBG Mobile and a slew of other mobile games, GameLoop’s primary goal is to provide you with the greatest possible gaming experience. It also has an anti-cheat mechanism, which is useful if you want to keep hackers out of your games.


NoxPlayer is mostly designed for gamers, so if you’re having trouble using Bluestacks or GameLoop, give it a try. It includes all of the capabilities you’ll need for gaming, including keyboard and mouse compatibility, macro recording, and the ability to run numerous games at the same time.