How to Disable JavaScript on an iPhone or Android Device (and When You Should)

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Photo: leungchopan (Shutterstock) – Although JavaScript is an important element of most current websites, it does have certain drawbacks. Here’s how to turn it off. Without JavaScript, the computer language that allows interactive features to be added to your favorite websites, much of the contemporary web would be very different. JavaScript has improved our lives by adding features like as chat boxes, audio and video players, and endless scrolling.

When should JavaScript be turned off?

Not everyone wants to use JavaScript on their website. Additional monitoring, auto-playing movies, many annoyances that modify scrolling behavior, and more are the downsides of these capabilities. You can prevent endless scrolling on most websites by deactivating JavaScript, which is a huge issue if you’re trying to cut down on screen time. Reduced tracking, ad blocking, and circumventing paywalls so you can read articles online for free are all advantages of deactivating JavaScript.

Even if you wish to disable JavaScript, you’ll have limited alternatives because so many websites rely on it. When your internet connection is sluggish, certain websites may entirely fail, while others, like Gmail, may return to a simple HTML format. We’ve previously looked at how to disable JavaScript on desktop browsers, and now it’s time to look at how to do so on mobile devices.

Before we begin, you should be aware that blocking JavaScript is not possible in many common mobile browsers. This functionality is not available in Firefox for Android or iPhone, for example. However, the two most popular iPhone and Android browsers, Safari and Google Chrome, both allow you to deactivate JavaScript; here’s how to do it.

How can I turn off JavaScript on my iPhone’s Safari?

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To disable JavaScript in Safari, go to your iPhone’s Settings. After that, go to Safari > Advanced and turn off JavaScript. You may now launch Safari and test whether or not your favorite websites are still functional. If you don’t like what you see, go back to Safari’s settings and enable it again.

On Android, how do you disable JavaScript in Chrome?

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If you’re using Chrome on Android, go to the top-right corner of the browser and press the three-dots symbol. Then navigate to Site Settings > JavaScript under Settings > Site Settings > JavaScript. To get rid of JavaScript in Google Chrome on Android, disable it here. To enable JavaScript to execute on particular websites, tap Add Site Exception, input the URL, then press Add on the same page.

Unfortunately, you can’t deactivate JavaScript in Chrome on the iPhone.