Google has announced a slew of new amazing accessibility improvements for Android that will be available shortly

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image : google – Today, Google published a new blog post describing a slew of new amazing accessibility capabilities that will soon be available on all Android phones.

Simultaneously, the firm stated that, similar to Tesla, video games would soon be available for all Android Auto systems to play. It goes without saying that you’ll only be allowed to play games in your car when it’s in park.

However, as part of a new set of remarkable accessibility features coming soon to Android, Google has announced two major innovations, dubbed Camera Switches and Project Activate, that should greatly assist the disabled community in making better use of their phones in a natural, easy-to-control manner.

We’ll do our best to explain it to you if you can’t view Google’s brief video demonstration, but if you can’t, we’ll do our best to explain it to you.

Essentially, you’ll be able to use Project Activate to activate your phone’s front-facing camera to recognize a facial expression you create.

If you lift your brows, for example, you may program your phone to open the camera or give you the weather.

In the same spirit, the firm said that it will be adding handwriting recognition to its Lookout app, which, for those who are unfamiliar, utilizes the camera to scan and read text aloud. Also new is the ability to identify Euro and Indian Rupee bills in the same software, which should be a huge help to the visually handicapped.

Other minor changes include the ability to password lock particular images (a feature formerly reserved for Google Pixel devices) and the ability to manage your TV from your phone, which has been available on iOS and Apple TV devices for years.

Finally, arguably one of the more unusual announcements this year is Google’s Emoji Kitchen, a new tool that allows users to blend several emojis to create an altogether new one. You can create a weeping laugh owl by combining the owl emoji and the sobbing laughing face emoji, which Google offers. Isn’t it amazing?

Google’s complete blog post detailing all of the news can be found right here.