Tim Cook Informs Employees That the Company Is On the Lookout for Leakers

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Photo: Stephen Lam (Getty Images)

techno.rentetan.com – ‘We are doing everything in our ability to identify those who leaked,’ Cook said to Apple workers in an email. Apple does not want its secrets to leave the firm, therefore it goes without saying that the company despises leakers. This week, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a frightening warning to leakers: You don’t belong here, and we’ll find you.

According to the Verge, Apple CEO Tim Cook was irritated because two announcements he made at an all-hands meeting last week about the company’s policy for unvaccinated employees—who will have to be tested for covid-19 on a regular basis—and the Epic v. Apple antitrust case were leaked to the media shortly afterwards.

Cook stated in an email addressed to Apple workers on Tuesday, seen by the Verge, that he had heard from many employees who were irritated by the recent disclosures of the all-hands meeting. He, too, was frustrated. Cook also mentioned that this comes on the heels of disclosures about the company’s annual September product launch.

“These opportunities to connect as a team are really valuable. But they only operate if we can trust that the material will remain inside Apple’s boundaries,” Cook wrote. “I want to tell you that we are doing everything we can to find those who leaked. As you are aware, we do not tolerate the leaking of sensitive information, whether it is product intellectual property or the contents of a confidential meeting. We know that the leakers are a tiny group of people. We also understand that those who leak sensitive information do not belong here.”

In recent months, Apple has cracked down on those who sell stolen iPhone prototypes on social media, which are thought to be grabbed by Chinese staff who smuggle them out of facilities. The business issued a cease and desist letter to one vendor, instructing them to halt purchasing, selling, and promoting the devices. It also asked for a list of anybody who had supplied the prototypes to the vendor.

In addition to the apparent reason for Apple’s aversion to leaks, the firm has said that leaks can harm accessory makers. Based on leaks, these firms may, for example, develop accessories that do not suit the final version of the product.

Apple is also upset because leaks prevent it from surprising customers during product debuts, which it claims is a key part of the company’s DNA.

In the end, Apple has every right to be unhappy and to take measures to avoid leaks. However, I believe it is critical to maintain perspective and take proper steps in any scenario. It’s one thing to release an iPhone prototype, but it’s quite another to publish the company’s covid-19 testing protocol, which would have been out otherwise, or remarks made after a trial (although the latter is a bit more sensitive).

Nonetheless, I believe Cook is attempting to terrify them into never leaking again.