In iOS 15, use ‘Dark Reader’ to force all websites to display in dark mode

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Photo: Khamosh Pathak – The extension has been available for years on the Safari desktop browser, but you can now use it on your iPhone or iPad as well. When you’re using your iPhone or iPad late at night, the automatic dark mode is a fantastic way to relax your eyes. But what if you then open a web page with Safari? Because not all websites support the dark mode, a dazzling bright light appears out of nowhere. However, if you’re using iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, you can now utilize the Dark Reader plugin to compel all websites to comply and open in dark mode (or sepia mode, or a different theme).

The Dark Reader extension is a reliable, well-known extension that has long been popular on the Safari desktop browser. You may now use it on your iPhone or iPad as well. It is not free or inexpensive. However, the $4.99 one-time fee allows you to use it on all of your Apple devices. If you don’t want to invest $4.99, you may try the $2.99 Noir extension, which works similarly.

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How to Enable Safari’s Dark Reader

Dark Reader is a Safari extension that may also be downloaded as an app. Once downloaded, the program serves no use other than to add the extension to Safari. We recommend deleting it from your Home Screen to free up space for other essential apps.

Because of the way Safari extensions operate, you’ll need to enable each one separately. The extension will then need to be granted access to all websites. After installing the Dark Reader app, launch the Settings app and navigate to Safari > Extensions. Go to the “Dark Reader” area and activate the top extension. Then, in the “All Websites” area, select the “Allow” option.

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Dark Reader will be able to operate on all websites as a result of this. (By default, Dark Reader will request permission to enable the function on every website you visit, which can rapidly become irritating.)

How to Enable Dark Mode in Safari for iPhone and iPad

Once everything is in place, it’s smooth sailing. Open your iPhone’s Safari browser and hit the “Aa” icon. The Dark Reader extension should be included here. If you’re using an iPad, you can see all installed extensions by tapping the Extensions button in the URL bar. Choose “Dark Reader,” then “On.” You may select a different theme from the bottom.

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Go to the “Settings” section and turn on the “Enabled by default” function. This ensures that all websites will immediately load in dark mode. If you don’t want a certain website to open in dark mode, go to the Dark Reader extension and deselect the current website.