The new Pixel 6 leak reveals significantly faster wired charging speeds

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An official image of the upcoming Pixel 6, released last month by Google. 
Image: Google – If the rumor is right, the new 33-watt wired charge of the Pixel 6 is almost twice as fast as prior Google phones.

With the introduction of Pixel 6 scheduled for some time in October, more data about the next flagship phone of Google has started to go out and fresh information is available concerning much faster charging speeds.

Originally, 91-mobile rumors indicated that 33-Watt wired charging would support Pixel 7, once pictures of 33-watt power stains were taken on Google HQ. However, the rumors are now allegedly substantiated by XDA Developers, whose file of a 15 watts, 18watts, 27 watts and 33 watts charge speed was taken from the Taiwan NCC, the electronic regulator of Taiwan.

This may not appear to be a big breakthrough, but it’s wonderful to see the Pixel 6 get a substantial jump in charging speeds if you recall that every up to date 18watt pixel phone had topped off wired charging system.

Unfortunately, this is not the best news because the future owners of Pixel 6 can have to purchase the compliant 33-watt power adjustments separately if they wish fully to use the improved wired charging speed of Pixel 6, because Google has told Gizmodo and other media outlets that Pixel 5a is most likely the latest Pixel phone which includes a power station. For some, the trend may be frustrating but Google maintains that the choice not to send with its phones a power adapter is meant to promote e-waste reduction because there is some superfluous number of individuals with USB-C power plates including power adapters.

In a report this month, the Android Police claims that there will be a new Pixel Stand 2021 with 23 watt wireless charging from merely 10 watts the current model for anyone who prefers wireless charging.

Additional speculations from Pixel 6 include the new 50 MP main camera and the usage of not one but two ARM Cortex X1 cores in the new tensor processor of Google, which represents a significant deviation from the single X1 core used in existing mobile chips such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

But what could be the most juicy rumor comes in a @Evleaks update, saying a “trustworthy” source states that Google’s pixel – the code name of their passport – is actually going to ship later this year. The source reports that Google works on Passport for over two years, and with fresh updates likely to include enhanced software for foldable phones in Android 12.1, suddenly the thought of a pixel folder in 2021 doesn’t seem very strange.

Nevertheless, Google seems to have been fully committed to backuping Pichai’s large talk with a number of new devices planned until the end of the year, following Google CEO Sundar Pichai promise “significant product updates” before Google I/O between a recent major update to its line of nest cams, the Pixel 6, and possibly a foldable pixel.