New Microsoft Surfaces Hardware Event Leaked Ahead

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The second-gen Surface Duo is expected to be announced this week.
Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo – All are coming Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 8 and surface Android 2.

It looks even more likely that anything that we expected Microsoft to show at its Wednesday Surface event will appear. A few leaks today show that the surface Pro X and Surface Pro 8 based in Windows are on the horizon, as does the surface 2 flagship in Microsoft’s Android.

The Surface Pro X was recently cleared from the FCC and passed Energy Star certifications by Microsoft’s ultra portable tablet. The Windows tablet has a Qualcomm Snapdragon SQ2 processor, a customized chip from the latest Surface Pro X, and a 16 GB RAM, according to its specificsheet. Unfortunately, there is no data on the design of the Surface Pro X or if the display, as rumored, will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

A 13-inch display with 120Hz refresh is reported for Surface Pro 8, the next generation of Microsoft’s original Surface line-up. A noted leaker tweeted the device’s apparent retail listing, with narrow bezels on the left and two Thunderbolts ports on the left. In addition to replaceable SSD bays already in use with the existing Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 4, and Surface pro 7+, the tweet thread is used for an Intel processor in the Surface Pro 8 11th generation. The Surface Pro 8 will cost $800 from the leaked advertisement.

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The Surface Duo 2 was also clarified a couple of days ago by the FCC. The documents confirm 4G and 5G connectivity, contactless NFC payments, compatibility of Wi-Fi 6 and “wireless power transfer.” However, for Surface Pen the charge mechanism may be proprietary. It is still classified as a portable handset, although a “flat,” probably referencing tablet mode of Duo 2, is mentioned.

It sounds like Microsoft heard from the mere mention of NFC the complaints of the first Surface Duo by the public. If you took up this second generation attempt it should be an exciting event. We will cover all Microsoft Surface event announcements on Wednesday, September 22nd. The entertainment will start at 8:00 PT/11 a.m. ET.