iPadOS 15 Is Here: The Features First Try

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iPadOS 15 has plenty to explore.
Image: Apple

techno.rentetan.com – iPadOS 15 now features new multipurpose functions, easier notes and more.

The major Apple iPad upgrade now comes to an end and you can either download and install the iPad 15 if you have an iPad (5th-generation or later), an iPad Pro, an iPad mini (4th-gen or more), or an iPad Air (second-gen or newer). There’s a lot new, and here’s everything you should first check out.

Note: We include some of Apple’s features for iPad, such as SharePlay for FaceTime, that have been announced and delayed. The features that will be missing should be included in a software update this fall so ensure that you are up to date with the latest iPadOS version.

1. More Easily multi-task

Apple made multi-tasks on the iPad with iPadOS 15 a little more intuitive. At the top of the screen in the status bar you’ll notice three points: Tap to switch between Split View, full-screen mode and Slide Over mode. The new menu means that it’s easier than using two apps simultaneously.

2. Open the Window Center

Another change to iPad is the center window overlay that works with applications such as Apple Mail and Apple Notes. Apart from that. You will see the option Open in New Window if you press and hold an email in your inbox or a note of your list: Choose that and the chosen object appears like a desktop window in an overlay in the center of the screen.

3. Categorize tags notes

In the annual software upgrades of the company, Apple’s own apps get fine new features. This year’s Notes will be given a new Quick Note feature, a new Shared Notes activities view, and the ability to update your note organization tags. Add a tag in a note by a hashtag before it, and they are all listed on the left side of the Note app in the main Folders section.

Keyboard shortcuts in iPadOS 15.
Screenshot: iPadOS

4. Access Keyboard Time Saving Shortcuts

Apple still wants to think about the iPad as a laptop replacement, which means keyboard shortcuts as far as iPadOS 15 is concerned. To make your tablet work, you must attach a real physical keyboard — press and hold on the Cmd button to see a list of supported shortcuts such as Cmd+Space for search..

5. Adding Home Screen widgets

iPadOS supports iOS through the home screen support between app icons rather than through a separate section. You work the way you work on iPhones: Press the + (plus) icon in the top left corner and hold on the blank area of the home screen and tap it to see available widgets based on the apps currently installed.

6. Reorder your home screens with the library of applications

With iPadOS 15, the App Library jumps from iPhones. As with iOS, all of your home screens can be accessed directly. The App Library means that you don’t necessarily need an icon to storage your apps in category-based dossiers for each application which encompasses the iPad home screen interface.

The App Library comes to iPadOS 15.
Screenshot: iPadOS

7. Watching FaceTime shows and films with friends

Later this fall, iPadOS 15 includes an update with a new SharePlay feature that enables you to watch movies, shows, or listen to music and podcasts while in your contacts list with others on the FaceTime call. Face time will soon be one of the applications you may use to organize a web-base film-looking event.

8. Convert to a FaceTime Grid View

If you’re on a call with several persons at once, you can now move to a grid of faces. It looks like Zoom, which was definitely Apple’s purpose, and you even get the same visual effect, where the box of the current speaker lights up. A portrait mode which blurs the background behind you during calls is also new for FaceTime.

9. View Photo Memories New and Enhanced

The Memories feature on your library photos and videos get some improvements to iPadOS 15 – open the Photos for you section. A new, more immersive interface is available and a custom selection of songs from Apple Music is also available accompany the slideshows.

Focus can help keep you on track.
Screenshot: iPadOS

10. Keep Focus More Easy

Like iOS 15, iPadOS 15 has a new feature, Focus, that works on a feature that does not disturb you anymore. You can set custom rules for notifications and switch between where you are and what you do quickly. To set up your different profiles, open the Focus menu at Settings.

11. See what friends you share

You can now quickly find it on the Share With you section of the relevant Apple app when someone is sending you a photo or link via Message from one of your Apple devices (so Photos for your shared pictures, and so on). It works with Photos, Safari, Apple News and Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and the Apple TV video applications with the launch of iPadOS.

Get your notifications scheduled for a set time.
Screenshot: iPadOS

12. Timeline Summaries Notification

iPadOS 15 has a useful new way to manage notifications: Alerts from less important applications can be grouped into summary reports that will be provided if they are delivered, rather than pinged straight away. Go to your iPad for configuration. Select Notifications then Scheduled Summary for the notifications to choose when they arrive.

13. Change your memoji

In every new software upgrade Apple normally adds the new Memoji options, which is the case with iPadOS 15. The new customized headgear and accessories, such as cochlear implants, oxygen pipes and soft helmets, are included in the package now available.

Apple Maps gets a visual upgrade.
Screenshot: iPadOS

14. Explore more maps in detail

With the arrival of iPadOS 15 Apple Maps on the iPad will be made to see many visual improvements. Try to zoom in towns like San Francisco and London to see more detail added to landmarks and road features. The look of mountaineers, deserts, forests and seaways was also updated away from the major urban centres.

15. Look up Photos text Text

The photos that are handy to copy phone numbers or to translate menus now can recognize texts from iPadOS 15. In the iPad, a feature called the Visual Look Up can also identify art, landmarks, nature, books, animals and more. Open a pictorial image in Photos, search the top star (small I in a circle) above the info button.

16. Find the iPad

Spotlight receives an upgrade with iPadOS 15 introduction. Initiate a search on the home screen, and you will see a rich cascade of results covering both what is on the Web and what’s on your iPad as soon as you start typing your queries in. Through spotlight, you can also search your photo and the text in your photos.

iCloud Private Relay is part of iCloud+.
Screenshot: iPadOS

17. Protection VPN-like Browsing

You will automatically get iCloud+ when you upgrade to iPadOS, if you pay Apple for some iCloud space storage area. Among the bonus features of iCloud+ is iCloud Private Relay, which protects you from outside snooping, a little like a VPN. In Settings, tap your name, then iCloud to view the option. You can find this.

18. On your iPad translate text

Translation of text is better integrated into the entire iPad experience now. Not only is the Translate Apple app available for Apple tablets and for Apple phones, but also the highlighted text can be translated—it appears in addition to the common options. The text that is identified and selected in the photos also works in translation.

19. Seamlessly use your iPad on the Mac

Universal Control works with macOS Monterey (later this fall) and iPadOS 15, which allows you to control an iPad using a Mac. You can move your Mac trackpad or mouse cursor to your Mac screen side to hop over to the iPad when using a Mac running Monterey alongside an iPad running iPadOS 15. Your devices must be on the same wireless network and the same Apple ID, but you can move and drop files and work seamlessly between your two devices as soon as it is available.