Fixing the Worst Feature for iOS 15

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You see that search bar at the bottom? It’s upsetting.
Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo – Here’s how to switch it back when you hate the new Safari address bar. iOS 15 is officially here and even though it has a lot of new cool features, we really don’t like one: the new search bar for Safari.

Apple redesigned Safari for iOS 15 in order to move the address bar from top to bottom. This makes Safari theoretically easier to use alone. Apple has improved the search bar, so that it is no longer as it did in early iOS 15 beta versions. However, you can switch the address bar back to the top if you do not like the search bar at the bottom of the search bar.

Open the Safari app on your phone after you update to iOS 15. You should see the “aA” icon in the search bar in the left corner of the bottom corner. Tap it and select the top address bar for the display. And this is it. And that is it. Whoosh, this is going to go back to the top. If you like the search bar below, there are no concerns. To send the search bar to the bottom, you can tap the “aA” icon again.

Screenshot: Victoria Song/Gizmodo

You can also change this by going to the Settings application. Scroll down to Safari from there and choose the Single Tab option. You can control some other new features in Safari by doing this too. For example, the Landscape Tab Bar setting can be changed. When you turn it off you will see Safari in the Landscape mode, and the search bar will disappear. There is also a setting for Allow Website Tinting that changes the color scheme of the search bar to match your visited website.

Firstly Apple introduced the ability to return to the original design of the Sixth iOS 15 beta, which we all know and love. The move followed a backlash on the ping-pong search bar from beta users. (In our iOS 15 preview you can see it in action) It was a seldom move from the company, which generally does not change direction when it comes to changes in management design, even if they are very unpopular. See: Butterfly turned on the notorious MacBook and the headphone jacked Apple at that time. However, we’re not going to complain that Apple has allowed users to control apps more. It is to be hoped that in the future Apple will continue to hear feedback and provide customers with more options.