See a new 5G Icon on your T-Mobile iPhone

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Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo – If you are taped into super-fast 5G, a 5G UC indication will pop up.

To inform you if you get high speed 5G speed or only normal 5G speeds T-Mobile has added a new indicator to the iPhone 13. Now in the upper right corner a new 5G UC icon will appear when TM users get the quickest 5G service from the carrier.

5G of the UC UC is Ultra Capacity. Verizon has its 5G UWB indication (5G ultra-wideband), and AT&T utilizes 5G+ to inform users when it is taped into the 5G flavor. The 5G indicator and, of course, the 5G E symbol is also available to AT&T. The latter is LTE and not at all 5G. Still muddy?

The new 5G UC icon will be used by the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, but T-Mobile says it will show up on additional devices in the future.

At present, the 5-G coverage by T-Mobile is divided into numerous bands offering varied coverage and speed combinations. The slower-speed 5G spectrum of the carrier is utilized to enhance the whole range of its network, while the corporation uses mid-band and mmwave spectrum in order to give much higher speeds. T-Mobile will turn the $9.3 billion C-band spectrum swap back in January, so that T-Mobile subscribers will have a 5G performance even wider and faster.

While the fact of what type of 5G-network you have connected with looks bewildering to be so many various ways, T-Mobile is not muddying the waters like AT&T.

T-Mobile also announced that it would provide repairable in-store fixes for damaged phones from more than 500 retail locations in the company starting November 1, which is also of interest to iPhone 13 buyers.

Customers must purchase T-$7/month Mobile’s Protection package, which can be acquired at the time of repair or after purchasing or leasing a new qualifying device from T-Mobile.

T-Protection Mobile’s plan includes unlimited screen protector replacements, live tech support via the Protection app (available on both Android and iOS), AppleCare for eligible Apple devices, and even replacements in the event of theft, loss, or accidental damage, in addition to access to in-store repairs.